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Last updated 20th March 2022

Roundups and recaps

Myu, M805, Pro Gear, Pilot 91 and 92, Pilot 912, Jinhao 992, 3776

16 pens

Benu pens roundup


Platinum 3776, Pelikan M1000, Lamy 2000, Sailor Pro Gear, Kaweco AL Sport

UKFP buyer’s guide

Pocket pens roundup

Under £100 (UK RRP)

Esterbrook Phaeton — a slimline pen that isn’t up to Esterbrook’s usual standards.

Faber-Castell Ondoro — a distinctive hexagonal design with large shiny cap

Gazing Far tm2

Gazing Far tmX

Gravitas Entry — a slim machined pen made to the highest standards

Gravitas Pocket Pen — a flat-sided wonder from Ireland

Herbin glass dip pen — a decorative, fluted glass pen ideal for ink testing

Jinhao 992 — the infamous $2 pen, one of many

John Garnham JG5, JG6 — amazing, simple pens… if you can get hold of one.

John Garnham JG8

Karas Pens Starliner and XL — small, aluminium pens with slip caps and curvaceous sections

Karas Pens Ink (reviewed with premium gold nib) — the old version of Karas’s super machined pen.

Karas Ink v2

Kaweco Dia2 — Kaweco doesn’t just make the Sport. Arguably, the Dia2 is a better pen.

Kaweco Perkeo — a full-size entry-level pen from the German giant.

Kaweco Perkeo Calligraphy

Kaweco Sport — the classic plastic Sport for your pocket.

Kaweco Skyline Sport Fox — a fetching orange version of the pocket Sport.

Kaweco Art Sport — a premium version of the Sport in acrylic. Super.

Kaweco Special Blue Limited Edition

Lamy Aion — a large all-aluminium pen designed by Jasper Morrison.

Lamy Scala

Lamy Studio Aquamarine — Lamy’s limited edition Studios are beautiful.

Loft Pens Bespoke

Midori MD

Milim pen — pocket pens don’t get any smaller than this.

Muji round aluminium fountain pen — for a budget price, this is a great little pen for work or kids.

Narwhal Original — a piston filler with an in-house nib for £50. It’s so comfortable.

Namisu Horizon

Namisu Ixion — a hexagonal-capped pen in a variety of finishes.

Namisu Naos

Opus 88 Koloro — an unusual eyedropper with ebonite accents

Parker Jotter

Pilot Prera — proof that good things come in small packages

Platinum Preppy Wa

Rotring Newton — an abomination

Schon DSGN Pocket Six and again

Taccia Spectrum — a colourful C/C pen with steel Sailor nib

Tactile Turn Gist v2 Delrin

TWSBI Eco Jade

Wing Sung 601 — a vacumatic with hooded nib, all for about £15…

Over £100 (UK RRP)

Applied Pens Streamline — A large ebonite handmade pen from Wales

ASC Studio

Aurora Duo-Cart

Aurora Talentum

Benu Euphoria

Benu Euphoria Dream — Benu adds a multi-layered hand decoration to the Euphoria

Benu Talisman Foxglove

Benu Talisman Mistletoe — a limited edition that glows in the dark

Cleo Skribent Classic

Desiderata Soubriquet


Edison Beaumont — a midsize, classically styled steel-nib from this small US manufacturer

Esterbrook Estie and Estie Honeycomb

Esterbrook JR Paradise

Esterbrook JR Pocket Pen

Eureka Symmetry and Asymmetry

Ferris Wheel Press Brush

Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66 — a clipless acrylic pen with F-C’s distinctive design

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 — a large acrylic pen designed to post deeply

Franklin-Christoph Model 20

Gioia Alleria

Gioia Alleria Nuvola and Amaranto

The Good Blue R615

Karas Kustoms Decograph 1801 Sleeping Beauty — a limited edition of KK’s first non-metal pen

Karas Vertex

Kaweco Art Sport Coral

Kaweco Supra Fireblue

Laban Skeleton

Lamy Dialog 3

Lamy 2000 — the iconic gold-nibbed piston filler

Lamy Imporium

Leonard Slattery A Haon

Leonard Slattery A Se pocket pen

Leonardo Momento Zero

Maiora Impronte and Oversize

Onoto Scholar — a new entry-level design by the English manufacturer

Otto Hutt design04

Otto Hutt design06

Parker Duofold International

Pelikan M205 Star Ruby

Pen7 ebonite pen

Penlux Masterpiece Grande

Pilot 91 — a small gold-nibbed pen with #5 nibs

Pilot 912 FA — a flat-topped pen with the iconic flex nib

Pilot 92 — a piston-filler version of the 91

Pilot Fermo

Pilot Murex

Platinum 3776 — available in a bunch of unusual nibs, with a tight-sealing cap

Platinum President

Rockster Troubleshooter 1313 — a smart and comfortable pen from a Welsh maker

Sailor Pro Gear — short, fat, with Sailor’s great 21k nib

Santini Tosca Ambra

Schon DSGN Pocket Six and followup

Schon DSGN full size and engineerd plastic

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage

Silverburl Pens hybrid pens — hand-turned pens from Cornwall

ST Dupont D Initial — Dupont’s entry-level steel-nibbed pen.

Staedtler Premium Lignum

Tesori Venezia

Tibaldi Bamboo

Tibaldi Bononia

Tibaldi N60

Tibaldi Perfecta

Venvstas Magna

Venvstas Magna CC

Waterman Carene

Ystudio portable — an unusual high-design pen in copper

Ystudio desk pen — a large brass pen with distinctive desk stand

Over £250 (UK RRP)

Cleo Skribent Natura

Cleo Skribent ‘Skribent’

Conid Minimalistica Monarch

Conid Regular

Eboya Kobue

Elbwood Pocketmaster

Graf von Faber Castell Classic

Graf von Faber Castell Intuition Platino Ebony — the flagship pen from GvFC, with wooden barrel and unusual converter mechanism

Hahnemuhle FineNotes Slim and Bold — the first pens from a 400+ year old German paper manufacturer

Kasama Una

Leonardo Furore Grande

Montblanc 146

Montblanc M

Montblanc Rouge et Noir

Montegrappa Gnomo Moods

Onoto Flanders

Onoto Magna

Onoto Magna pinstripes

Onoto Magna Sequoyah

Onoto Spitfire

Otto Hutt design07

Pelikan M1005 Stresemann

Pelikan M805 — a versatile piston-filler workhorse with 18k nib

Pilot Myu — a vintage pocket pen with integral nib

Pilot Vanishing Point / Capless LS

Platinum Izumo

Radius Superior — vintage style Italian piston filler with great comfort

Scribo 3

Scribo Piuma

Scribo Tropea

S T Dupont Line D / Elysee

Visconti Homo Sapiens — Palladium nib, bayonet cap, vac filler, made of lava

Visconti London Fog

Over £600

Aurora 88 Nettuno

Conid Kingsize

Montblanc 149 — needs no introduction

Montblanc 1912 — a piston filler with bouncy retractable nib and classic safety pen styling

Montblanc Agatha Christie

Montblanc Geometry Solitaire LeGrand

Montblanc Homer

Montblanc Le Petit Prince LeGrand

Montblanc Martele

Montegrappa Extra

Nakaya Portable Cigar Toki-Tamenuri 17mm

Namiki Yukari Royale / Urushi 20

Oldwin Art Deco

Oldwin Classic

Onoto Great Court Vitreous Enamel

Onoto Heritage Simpole Overlay — handmade silver overlay by the late Henry Simpole

Onoto Magna #8 Blue Stripe

Onoto Plunger Filler

Onoto Spitfire

Otto Hutt design08

Otto Hutt designC (reprised here)

Sailor 1911 Naginata Cross Concord

Santini Italia Giant Cherry — the biggest in-house nib you’ll find short of Tohma

Visconti Divina Bordeaux

Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Colour

Yard-o-Led Viceroy Grand Victorian