Heavy metal: the Montblanc Geometry Solitaire LeGrand


The Montblanc Geometry, reference 118097, is an unapologetic statement piece. It’s all metal, platinum plated, and engraved with a marvellous geometric pattern that catches the light, and the eye.


The numbers are big: 64g in weight, £1,215 in price, 18k in nib. The cap weighs a fair chunk, but the pen itself is a real brute. There’s a shock of gold painting the gem shapes on the nib, and the feed is black, but otherwise it’s like the Silver Surfer in pen form. Even the snow peak on the cap is shrunken to make more room for silver shine.


The Geometry is 146-sized, although details of the shape differ from the normal 146 — for instance, there’s a ramp up to the barrel from the section threads, instead of a step. Unlike other Geometric, Solitaire and similar models from Montblanc, this particular version has a metal section, which in my opinion looks loads better.


Although the pen is heavy and the section is smooth, it’s actually not bad to hold, even for writing sessions longer than a quick note. The clip is functional and the cap action is perfect, on flawless threads. This is not a purely ceremonial piece. It is, however, a fingerprint magnet.


Like a 146, the Geometry is a piston filler. The piston runs smoothly, and the knob has a detent at the end of its travel so it seats positively against the barrel. The only downside: no ink window. This is a mystery filler. Then again, it’s not the kind of pen you take away from your desk.


Fitted with this BB nib, the writing experience is smooth, quiet and BOLD. This is a pen for letters, Christmas cards, and special occasions.



The Geometry has a mesmerising design. Practical? No. Affordable? Hell no. But this is art, and the heart rules the head. What a pen.


8 thoughts on “Heavy metal: the Montblanc Geometry Solitaire LeGrand

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