New arrivals: Sheaffer Legacy, Montblanc Red Fox, Galen Writing Box and more

It’s been a truly wonderful week for new arrivals landing on my desk.

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage

I’ll review this separately in due course, but I wanted to get some of my excitement out before I burst. I’ve always thought that Sheaffer’s inlaid nibs were pretty, but never picked one up. I’m kicking myself now.


The Legacy Heritage I got in deep-cut palladium plate is not only beautiful, but wonderfully chunky in the hand — like a stubbier Lamy 2000. And the nib! Oh the nib! This is a broad, but it’s more like a double broad. And so wet — zero hesitation.


This same week my M805 Ocean Swirl arrived with a broad nib too, and it was awful: hard starting, skipping, yuck. I’ve sent it back to Cult Pens for a nib swap. Makes me even more grateful for the Sheaffer. Which I happened to get for an amazing price, too.

I mean, the Ocean Swirl is exactly as stunning as the pictures suggest. And even more beautiful as you roll it between your fingers under the light.


Beautiful, but wrote like absolute crap.

Galen Leather Writing Box

OK, I’ve written before about not buying leather. But this little writing box is 95% walnut so I’m giving myself a pass. And I couldn’t resist after reading Stu’s review.

2018-04-04 11.58.28.jpg

And oh, isn’t it gorgeous! Handmade in Istanbul, and just the right size to hold my two Hobonichis in their lovely tweed jackets, plus half a dozen pens. I keep it next to my armchair in my lounge and when I settle down to write my journal, I place it on my lap and begin the ritual.

Robert Oster Barossa Grape

I’ve somehow got this far without buying a Robert Oster ink. To be honest, there are just too many to choose from. So I ordered Barossa Grape more out of a sense of completionism and because I like muted purples. Not inked yet.


Herbin Orange Indien

I’m really enjoying Herbin inks at the moment. Poussiere de Lune had a great time in my 1912, and I’m excited to try out Ambre de Birmanie, but that didn’t stop me from ordering Orange Indien too. Mainly because it has a super cute elephant on the bottle.


The colour really pops. I now have more oranges than I know what to do with.


Montblanc Le Petit Prince Red Fox

This caused some excitement on my Instagram feed. A surprise drop from Montblanc of a whole new set of Little Prince-themed pens, and the first of three Prince inks, this one being “Red Fox”. I ordered mine from the Pen Shop, and it arrived super fast.

2018-04-07 16.59.30-2.jpg

I immediately inked up my Montblanc 1912 with it, and I like it a lot. A dusty, clay/brick red, with some pinky/silver sheen.


More orange than William Shakespeare red, but definitely not a true orange like Lucky Orange.


So, a good mail week for me. Now let’s see if I can have a bit more willpower this week…


13 thoughts on “New arrivals: Sheaffer Legacy, Montblanc Red Fox, Galen Writing Box and more

    • Luckily both cult and pelikan have good service, although the delay is frustrating! At least I have other pens to use in the meantime 😂


  1. Impressive haul. The Legacy is a great pen. My only advice is – don’t post it. You will end up with a ‘tide mark’ around the barrel. I’ve had mine a good few years. I didn’t think it was that expensive when I bought it, but a few years later and prices had shot up. Well done scoring a bargain price!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That writing box setup is beautiful. A
    I had a brief Google and couldn’t find any detailed thoughts on your tweed hobonichi covers. Are they from Etsy? Would you recommend them? Do they have a pen loop ? Do you have a link? Thanks in advance!


    • Thanks! Yes, Esplanade London on Etsy. Yes, they have a pen loop, and some versions have a front pocket too. I have three of them, definitely recommend!!


  3. I too just purchased a Pelikan M805 ocean swirl in broad nib. It didn’t write due to baby bottoms. Retailer sent me a second nib- same problem. Pelikan agent in Australia blamed the retailer – saying; as nibs can be removed easily, noway of being sure whose problem the nib is..the retailer or Pelikan and he said Pelikan nibs are always fine. Retailer ended up refunding my original cost , but I had the considerable cost of returning the pen and second nib; insured ; to retail store back in Europe. My next Pelikan purchase for a broad nib , will be in person.


    • Wow, that’s a horror story! The distributor should show trust in the retailers – otherwise they shouldn’t permit them to be approved stockists. And they should have refunded your postage, too. Not good 😦


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