Review queue

My goal with is to provide a service to the community by reviewing great products fairly and thoroughly.

I have always tried to be transparent about how I work so you can trust what you read. This includes my ethics policy and a page about how I work with companies.

Now I’m publishing this page, giving readers and companies full transparency (where allowed by embargos) into the products in my review queue and where they came from. I’ve listed the products below in the order I intend to publish them, but note that this order may change at any time!

Last updated: 31st January 2021.

Tesori Venezia. Published. Provided by Tesori

The Travelling-Desk. In progress. Provided by The Travelling-Desk.

Pebble undated planner. In progress. Provided by Pebble.

Rickshaw products. In progress. Provided by Rickshaw.

ASC Studio pens. Published. Provided by The Pen Family.

Visconti Lava Color. Published. Provided by Visconti.

Fine Writing Kuroshio. Published. Purchased from Write Here.

Kaweco Supra Fireblue. Published. Purchased from Andy’s Pens.

Diplomat Aero. In progress. Purchased from Write Here.

Interview with Online Pen Company. Published.