The super-slim tm2 from Gazing Far

It’s amazing how different the Gazing Far tm2 feels from its pocket-pen cousin, the tmX (previously reviewed here).

While the tmX feels wooden and soft and chunky, the tm2 feels like a metal scalpel, thin and light and precise.

Compare it to a bigger pen like the Penlux Masterpiece and the difference is even more striking.

But although the tm2 and tmX feel very different, they have a lot in common: wood and metal construction, a Schmidt nib, a cap that screws to post, and subtle branding. Let’s dive in to see whether this expression of the Gazing Far DNA works as well.

The tm2 is a long, thin (10mm) pen with a wooden barrel and a cap, rear post and section made from metal. In that sense it’s reminiscent of a pen like the Graf Classic, but only superficially. In hand, the tm2 is not nearly so plush and overbuilt as the Graf: it’s light and businesslike.

Functionally, the tiny, tiny cap spins off very quickly and screws easily to post, on flat, square-cut threads.

Posting the cap changes the weight and length barely at all.

The cap lip is sharp because there’s hardly any thickness to it.

The tm2’s cap has a springy folded metal clip with a trick: its reverse side is coated in shiny red, a little visual signature like Louboutin soles, that’s echoed on a ring around the nib.

The barrel is long; it comfortably takes a full-length converter. But the screw-off section is just tiny, and because it tapers down from the barrel, it’s even narrower than you might expect. It is a comical place to rest your fingers, and I found that I just kinda cradled the pen as a whole rather than sticking to the section.

Visually, I really liked the contrast of the gunmetal trim here against the wood. The extra metal (compared to the tmX) balances it out more, and the greenish Verawood on my tm2 goes with it well.

I went for a fine Schmidt nib, which is in #5 size and bi-colour. Consistent with my experience of these small Schmidt nibs, the fine is VERY different to the medium: much finer, sharper, with a drier flow. It proved to be a fitting choice for this light and scalpel-sharp pen, and I have been using it a lot where I need something that just works for getting a lot of notes down on a page with the minimum of fuss.

I actually really enjoyed writing with the tm2, even though skinny pens are not my usual thing.

Gazing Far sent me this pen to review. It’s listed on the maker’s site for around 88 USD; in the EU, Scrittura Elegante has various wood and finish combinations for around 60 to 70 euros, currently discounted. At this price, the tm2 is good value, with interesting materials and a high standard of finishing. If you fancy something a bit different, take a look.

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