First impressions: Radius Superior Corniglia Black fountain pen

As I mentioned in my Black Friday post, I took a chance on a Radius pen from Appelboom during the sale. It arrived today, and I took a few minutes to record a video with some of my early thoughts.

I also shared a few photos on Instagram:

First impressions? I like this pen, and its rough edges (literal and metaphorical) are even somewhat charming. I’m not sure if I’d feel quite the same way if I’d spent over 500 euros. We’ll see how my thoughts develop, anyway.

What do you guys think of the videos I’ve started recording? I’m finding it quite fun to dash out some thoughts live and actually be able to show what I’m talking about in real time, but personally I’d always rather read a review than watch one. I’d love to know your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “First impressions: Radius Superior Corniglia Black fountain pen

  1. Anthony,
    I agree with you. I am one of those people that prefer to read a review as to watching a video. I skip right over the videos on most posts. There is little information provided and all I tend to see is long sections of showing some small detail from every angle imaginable.


  2. Your video is good, but I prefer your writing. You have a touch of class and depth lacking in most reviews. Videos are good to get a good impression of a pen or watch, but nothing can substitute a good exposition of ideas about a subject from a reliable source like yourself.


  3. Much prefer the written word for reviews.

    From what I see, the Radius is not a must next to my Leonardo Magico, yet attractive all the same.


  4. I like seeing the pen in your video and getting your first impressions, as sometimes photos don’t quite get across what it looks like in the hand, but I like your written reviews, as you can be more thorough,


  5. I also prefer the written review but the quick first impression give your initial thoughts which may change in the time it takes to write and edit a written review so we can see a rounded view of the pen. Hope this makes sense, seems a bit rambling


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