Benu’s Euphoria is glitter, grown up

The Euphoria is the pen I wanted Benu to make. It keeps everything that makes Benu ‘Benu’ — it’s a complex shape, with facets that catch the light, that distinctive thick cap band, reliable Schmidt nib, and of course the unique glittery resins.

But it is a step forward for the brand towards making a more accessible and mature design.

This is not Benu’s first design to be equipped with a larger #6 nib — that honour goes to the Supreme and Grand Scepter — but it’s the first one I’ve really loved the look of. Unlike the Grand Scepter, which is unnaturally wider at the back end of the barrel, the Euphoria tapers gracefully.

And unlike the Supreme, with its fat cap and huge clip-band, the Euphoria uses a hidden clip mount that lets the resin steal the show.

Overall, it’s a big pen, whether capped next to a TWSBI 580…

…or uncapped. It’s longer than the Leonardo Furore Grande, and the new longer Onoto Magna.

But it’s a well proportioned pen, with the larger #6 nib sitting well next to a long section. It’s just that bit more conventional in shape than other Benus, with the barrel step all but gone, the faceting and surface texture that bit more subtle. It’s a more grown up Benu.

Of course, you still get those crazy resins. I received two pens from Benu, my choices from a wide range of colourways, all named after things that make people happy (hence ‘Euphoria’). I went for the Bora Bora, a tropical blue flecked with glitter in gold and silver:

…and the French Poetry, a swirl of iridescent purple and black, shot through with heavy blue glitter.

They are both very pretty, especially as you rotate the faceted bodies in the light. I would say that I like the Bora Bora more, but the translucent barrel and cap clearly reveals where the black section and cap band mount inside the glittery resin. It’s a touch unsightly.

As I’ve come to expect of Benu, finishing is to a high standard. There are no rough edges or casting marks anywhere.

And all the parts are fairly well lined up, which is particularly important on a faceted design:

But note that where parts join, such as around the finial and the cap band, you can feel the gap, and see it.

In terms of practicality, these pens are hassle-free. The clip is strong and easy to open by levering it up from the back.

The cap takes 1.75 turns to remove, but the threads are great and let you spin the cap off fast.

As you’d expect, the Euphoria is a cartridge/converter filler. Mine were supplied with converters pre-installed in the simple Benu card boxes, but from the Benu online store there seems to be an extra charge for converters.

The build is very robust, and best of all, the Euphoria doesn’t dry out when left capped for several days.

I give it full marks for comfort. The section is huge, and if that isn’t enough, the threads are totally flat, leading to a sloped and very small barrel step. This design suits any grip.

Although the Euphoria is a big pen, it’s light and there is little weight at the back, so it’s not tiring. If you’re a poster, you’ll be pleased that the cap seats deeply and is also light enough not to disrupt balance.

The writing experience is fuss free.

The Bora Bora came with a fine steel nib, which needed a bit of breaking in, but now writes a precise line with just a touch of feedback.

Inked here with a Visconti Turquoise cartridge.

The French Poetry came with a medium nib, which was a joy from the first touch to paper, with smooth tipping, good flow, and a goldilocks line width. Here inked with a cartridge of Diamine Silver Fox.

The feed of course is plastic, but kept up with moderately fast writing for as long as I did.

Benu’s online store shows the Euphoria listed for $118, more for the glow-in-the-dark versions. In the UK, that will be bumped up by VAT and our usual premium, but I reckon it’ll probably land at around £130 when it hits stores at the end of October.

At that price, the Euphoria is fairly competitive, but honestly Benu has no competition. If you like this kind of bright, colourful design, you won’t find it anywhere else, and the question is simply which model is right for you.

The Euphoria is no doubt my pick of Benu’s models: it’s Benu, grown up, with that #6 nib and a subtle, refined shape, but still that crazy fun resin that lets you spot a Benu from a hundred paces.

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