For sale

T&Cs at end of page!

Please use the contact page to make an offer. First firm commitment to buy gets it. 


Kasama Una Ultem, B, £275

Small-batch, rare and unusual pen from the Philippines in amazing amber Ultem wonder-plastic. Currently fitted with B nib.

Montegrappa Duetto Linea NeroUno, M, £275

This is a £600 pen new. Very unusual design, ruthenium trim, cool narrow nib that writes like a Sailor or Aurora. Only selling because I am keeping just one Montegrappa, my Extra 1930.

Pelikan M600 white tortoise B £275

Imperfect binde from factory. There’s a ridge running the full length of the pen. Works flawlessly though. Priced accordingly. Only selling because the M6 series is still too small for me.

Graf von Faber-Castell Intuition Platino Grenadilla F £325

Nice writer. Barely used. Selling because I now have a Graf pen of the year.

Visconti Van Gogh Wheatfields Under Crows M £135

As new. Includes the special matching ink minus one fill.

Nettuno Vesuvius stub £130

Izods special. Stub fixed by me!

Desiderata Precession blue delrin EF £125

As new. Pump filler (like the Soubriquet) with rather lovely EF nib and tactile blue delrin body.



  • Hurlestone 4-pen: £25
  • Nock Fodderstack XL: £20
  • Lochby tool roll: £25
  • Field Notes Two Rivers sealed: £20
  • Field Notes Shelterwood 2014 unsealed: £18
  • Field Notes Cold Horizon single: £8
  • Field Notes Drink Local Lager, single: £5
  • Field Notes Chestnut oak, single: £5

Terms and Conditions

  • CONDITION. Consider all pens in good used condition, with minor wear and tear. All pens are boxed unless I’m very much mistaken, please please check if that’s important to you. Nibs are as stated in the listing. All sales are final, no refunds or returns.
  • PAYMENT. All prices are net to me, so payment by PayPal Friends and Family or bank transfer only, please.
  • TRADES. If you want to offer me a trade, I’m happy to hear it. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know what floats my boat! Particularly interested in Nakaya Dorsal v2, Gimena, Arco Verde, Omas Paragon Einaudi.
  • SHIPPING. No international sales on this round, please. I know where I am with Royal Mail Special Delivery. UK delivery is included in the price.
  • SHIPPING TIMES. With a new baby in my household, I’m afraid I can’t make daily runs to the post office. I’ll do a weekly post run on Saturday morning, and that will catch anything that gets bought before Friday night.