Travels with pens: colours for California

On Monday, I fly to California. Again. That makes three weeks, three trips (and for those keeping track, my sixth trip this year). I feel like I’m living in a hotel.

So it’s time to freshen up my carry a little bit and get my enthusiasm back.

I expect to be doing a lot of writing, and potentially loaning pens to workmates — so the emphasis will be on practical, low-maintenance, robust pens with decent ink capacity.

Or at least that was the plan. Then I got the idea into my head of picking a few of the prettiest resins I own. This was the result. Three expensive gold-nibbed mystery-fillers. So much for practicality.


The Pelikan Ocean Swirl, Visconti Medici, and Montegrappa Extra ‘The Sea’. Gorgeous, aren’t they? My runner up was the Wahl-Eversharp Jade Decoband, but I figured I’d stick to three, plus…

My old travelling companion, the Montblanc 1912. Still my talisman when heading to war.


And yep, I’m going to be note-taking with the Italic Broad nib on the Pelikan. Call me crazy.


Despite the new cases from Hurlestone and the Nock Tallulah on my desk, I’ll be resorting to my usual Nock Sinclair for carry. Three pens and a notebook make it perfect to stash in my briefcase.

On my wrist will be my Tudor Black Bay GMT, which is proving to be the perfect travel companion: 200m water resist, GMT, sapphire and steel, easily legible, date, 70-hour power reserve… it’s functionally perfect.

Which is a shame, because my Hamilton Murph arrived this week. After swapping off the truly awful black fake-croc strap for a brown horween one, the watch came to life for me, and my (instant, strong) buyer’s remorse evaporated. Despite being on the larger side at 42mm, with long lugs, it hugs the wrist and wears slim, and I’m getting used to it.


So, another week, another flight — see y’all on the other side!



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