Nock Tallulah: two’s company

Yep, two days, two pen-case reviews (in case you missed it, yesterday I posted about my first experiences with New Zealand-based Hurlestone). Up today is the Tallulah two-pen case from my perennial favourites, Nock.

The Tallulah is, like most Nock cases, crafted from colourful nylon. Mine’s a rather lovely terracotta orange on the outside, and garish bright yellow inside, a scheme called clay/sunshine. It’s not my all-time favourite colour combo, but it’s the only one that was left!


Brace yourselves for the yellow.

I have at least five different styles of Nock cases now, and every one brings a different approach to the table. The Tallulah is long and thin, and it opens with a zip all around three sides, so you can open it out entirely.


The Tallulah opens right out.

Once open, you can see two pen slots on the left and a single slot on the right. Since the case is so slim, you won’t fit a normal notebook in here. Nock supplies some mini index cards; I may put my Moo mini business cards in here, but for now I’m leaving it empty.


The Tallulah is considerably slimmer than the Sinclair.

The two slots are pretty generous, as always for Nock. Shown here is a Conid Regular and Conid Kingsize; both fit with plenty of room.


Even big pens fit easily, and there’s no risk of unwanted touching!

The construction is top-notch. I’ve been using Nock cases daily for years with no discernible wear. And that’s not through clunky excess in the design. Nock always hits the sweet spot between flexible and rigid, slim and padded.

I’ve been using the Tallulah for a couple of weeks now, often alongside a Sinclair so I can carry more, but also on its own as a more slimline way to pack my pens for work.


Tallulah, Sinclair, Lookout.

At $30, the Tallulah is a steal. The only problem: it seems to be out of stock right now. Keep your fingers crossed it reappears!


3 thoughts on “Nock Tallulah: two’s company

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