Travels with pens: prepping for Miami — and a few fabulous new arrivals

Tomorrow morning I’m off on my next travels: a few days in Miami. Waiting for me there is my new Wahl Decoband Jade and Karas Re-Entry with Ti nib, so I’m travelling pretty light: just three pens, in my Franklin-Christoph “glasses case”. Here’s what I’ve picked:

I’d settled on this all-metal shortlist after much consideration this past week.


But a couple of new arrivals have sorely tempted me to reconsider.

The first is a Faber-Castell E-motion, kindly sent to me by Executive Pens Direct. Look out for a review in a few weeks, but first impressions are that this pen really punches above its weight. The combination of chrome and pearwood looks super, and even though the section is a little slippery, the chunky proportions and solid weight make it feel great in the hand. To top it off, the M-marked but F-writing steel nib is as good as Faber-Castell’s reputation would lead you to expect. For £78 it’s a steal.


I fear I may be about to fall down the Robert Oster rabbithole, too. Included in the box with the E-motion was a bottle of the ultra-hyped Fire & Ice, and what a lovely colour it is. I’m taking it along to Miami to fill the Decoband with, give it a real work-out.

The second arrival is a bottle of Sailor Studio 123. It’s a tiny bottle and with the customs charge it’s cost me a fortune, but I’ve never seen an ink like this. It’s essentially a grey ink, but it is also pinky-purple and green. It’s like Sailor has bottled the smoke from a sorceror’s potion. I inked up my Kaweco Art Sport Alabaster with B nib to match it, and it’s beautiful! I’m tempted to take it with me, but I don’t think I’ll waste this ink on work notes…



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