Snippets: Galen, Omega, and keeping it small

It’s been quiet here on UKFP for the past couple of weeks. Part of that is simply down to the day job — I’ve been working long hours and have had a few other things on my plate too, like buying an absolute ton of vinyl. But I have some vaguely pen-related news to share.

Straight-up service from Galen Leather

Remember the beautiful Writing Box? Well, after a few weeks it warped. A lot.

2018-04-30 20.06.17.jpg

Uh oh.

A quick email to Galen Leather and I received a prompt reply saying they would send me out a replacement just as soon as their new batch of (thoroughly tested) replacements were ready. It’s great to get such fast and utterly satisfactory service, especially from a small company. Looking at you, Namisu.

Introducing my new Speedmaster

Remember my radical sale post? It was all in aid of a good cause: this beauty.

2018-05-04 13.09.45-1.jpg

Oh hesalite domed crystal, you minx

Wow, if you thought Viscontis and Montblancs were expensive — you should try looking at Swiss watches. I got a superb deal on this one, but it still feels rather… odd walking around with this much money hanging on my wrist.

The good news is that this is a phenomenal, beautiful watch. It’s not just the versatile, classic and incredibly legible dial, or the fact that it looks good on any strap. But it’s also the ineffable aura of heritage. Well, it’s not that ineffable. Omega beats you over the head with it.



Now, this is a pen blog so I won’t go on about the Speedie… but suffice it to say that I’m very proud of myself!

Keeping it small

I’ve not yet sold all of the pens on my list, (and as an aside, who on earth can resist this beautiful M1000?)

2018-05-04 10.15.53-2.jpg

Vintage briefcase not included.

…but what I have done is file them away in my chest, safe and sound. So (not counting the two pens that are in my brother’s suitcase as I write), I’m down to eleven active pens. ELEVEN PENS. Only nine of them inked. And that feels GOOD. It’s nice to have limited choice (by pen geek standards), particularly when every pen left is an absolute blinder — and so different. Like the incredible Ocean Swirl here, which I will be journalling with tonight.

2018-04-06 09.18.36-2.jpg




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