Open heart surgery on my collection

Here goes.

I have 30 pens in my collection. 16 inked currently. It’s time to get tough and cut that right back. To the bone. So here are 14 pens for sale.

Why? I have my heart set on a major (non-pen) purchase and have no other way of making it happen any time soon.

Consider all of the following pens for sale. Prices TBC — make me an offer through the contact form. I’ll happily consider bundle offers, too. I don’t really want 14 trips to the Post Office! Happy to ship internationally, although obviously shipping will cost more.

These are all pens that I enjoy and, fundamentally want to keep. This is pretty painful for me. If I get no strong offers — I’ll be secretly relieved.

Pretty much all of these are boxed. I have dozens of goddamn boxes.

  • Namisu Ixion blue with brass and steel finials/section: I may have just given it a mixed review, but make me an offer if you want to try it out. Plenty of people like it. First dibs on this or the Gist get the lovely EF Ti nib; the other will come with the slightly duff steel and Ti nib. Sorry.
  • Osprey Milano: A nice cheap pen to try out Zebra flex nibs, and others. In the Duofold ‘big red’ colour scheme.
  • Pelikan M1000 black: I know, superb pen. This one hurts. Mine writes a glorious wet flexy fine. £275.
  • Sailor Pro Gear: I really enjoy how this writes. It ends up in the drawer a lot, outshone by bigger, flashier pens. Unfairly so.
  • Tactile Turn Gist: Had this up for sale for a while. I still think it’s a fabulous pen with a great design that’s both comfortable and practical. I’m just not a big user of metal pens any more.
  • Graf von Faber Castell Intuition Platino Ebony: Found this one very difficult to list. One of the most beautiful and comfortable pens in my collection. But also one of the most expensive, and therefore most lucrative to sell. £325.
  • Pilot Fermo: Hard to get hold of in the UK — recently imported by me with customs charge. Lovely and in my opinion better looking and functioning than the normal Vanishing Point.
  • SOLD Edison Beaumont: One of the nicest steel nibs in my collection.
  • SOLD Wing Sung 601: Super cute vintage-style pen. This one writes a great EF.
  • SOLD Kaweco Al Sport (satin aluminium): I love it, but I’m keeping the (discontinued) Art Sport instead.
  • SOLD Franklin-Christoph Model 02 smoke and ice: A real superstar pen. My favourite F-C design.
  • SOLD Mont Blanc 149: Bought from Izods only a few months ago, 18k nib ground by John Sorowka into a perfect fine cursive italic. Top of the tipping doesn’t look perfect under a loupe, but otherwise great.
  • SOLD Pelikan M205 Aquamarine: Actually one of my best writers. Wet, smooth, and all the usual Pelikan practicality.
  • SOLD Pelikan M805 blue stripe: A nice wet fine. Only selling because I have the Ocean Swirl and Stresemann. Three M805s is probably enough for anyone

What does that leave? If you’re curious, here are the dozen pens I absolutely cannot part with right now:

  • Lamy 2000
  • Platinum 3776 Bourgogne UEF
  • TWSBI Eco Turquoise
  • Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age
  • Visconti Wall St LE
  • Lamy Aion
  • Pelikan M805 Stresemann
  • Lamy Dialog 3
  • Mont Blanc 1912
  • Kaweco Art Sport Alabaster
  • Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl
  • Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Deep Cut Palladium

11 thoughts on “Open heart surgery on my collection

    • It took a lot of mulling over, and there are several pens in the list that I expect I’ll regret selling. But life is full of tough choices — I could do with some practice!


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