Snippets: Schon, John Garnham, Pebble, GLP, Cross

It’s been a quiet month here on the blog. I haven’t posted anything for ten days, which is a long spell for me. But I do want to shout about a few things, so it’s time for a Snippets.

Bye to Instagram

Thanks to those of you who took the time to email me to check on my mental health after seeing my most recent post on Instagram — let me reassure you that everything is OK!

Regular readers may have sensed a desire in me to be more appreciative of the things I have, and less frantic in my acquisitions — as well as more careful in how I spend my time.

To that end I’ve uninstalled Instagram from my phone and closed the browser tab on my laptop. Same for Facebook. I don’t want the endless scrolling through beautiful objects that I then am tempted to buy.

Schon P6 faceted aluminium

I succumbed to the temptation of Ian Schon’s Pocket Six once more, this time the new faceted aluminium version.

At $260, this was not impulse territory. It was really interesting to compare it against the prototype faceted brass version I already owned. The finishing of the facets is much better: there’s less visible chatter and smearing of the work surface. But I have found myself missing the heft of the brass.

John Garnham JG6 Oversize

This only landed today: the latest model in John Garnham’s model range, sitting between the svelte JG6 and the chunky JG8. It still features a Bock #6 nib like the JG6, but is noticeably chunkier than the original in all dimensions.

I’m finding it very comfortable, but the strongest first impression is one of quality. I believe this pen has the best threads and the best surface polish of any hand-turned pen I’ve ever used. And if John’s usual pricing is any indication, it’ll also be an incredible bargain.

GLP Author B5

Look at this bad boy. One of my favourite Tomoe notebooks (I’ve been through about eight of them) is soon going to be available in a maxi size, and I’ve got my hands on a prototype. It’s not quite B5 — comparing against a Galen B5, it’s a bit longer — but close enough, and it’s awesome to see another entry in the ‘bigger than A5’ space. Seen here against my A5 Elia Note.

GLP has got the page count spot on at 256, meaning it’s not slim like an exercise book, but still portable and flexible. And unlike most of the larger Tomoe options, it also features lined paper and page numbers, so it’s much more usable day to day. Keep an eye out for this one!

Pebble Stationery Liberty x Cosmo

The nice folks at Pebble Stationery in Australia were kind enough to get me two of their notebooks made from Liberty London fabrics enclosing the hottest paper of the moment, Cosmo Air Light. They cost me an arm and a leg, but they are gorgeous and I think I’ve found a paper that can stand up to Tomoe for my affections. Now I just need to find something worthy of writing in them — something tells me they’re too good for a work notebook.

Cross Peerless

Sometimes the world has a way of reminding me that for all my experience, I shouldn’t get cocky. The Cross Peerless 125 is a case in point. Cross pens are for graduation gifts, I think. They’re a relic of the 80s. Sure, the Peerless has a Sailor nib but isn’t it meant to be bulbous and slippery and generally not great? Well, at last I bought one, for a good price, and after a lot of use… I absolutely love it. It has earned a place in my tray of 20. The nib is great, and definitely feels like a Sailor fine, but what blew me away was how good this pen feels in my hand. I have some niggles — what is with that clip, and the crystal on the end? — but the comfort and writing experience are just so perfect that any shortcomings are swept away without second thought. This is a Cross I’m keeping.

9 thoughts on “Snippets: Schon, John Garnham, Pebble, GLP, Cross

  1. identical feelings about the Peerless – am often tempted to sell mine until I ink it up again and remember how comfortable it is to use… a pen to be used with one’s eyes closed, if that were possible (though the stripey finishes are pretty, and the overall form interesting to look at… but that clip and crystal and overdone Cross branding… man)


  2. Glad you’re keeping well and stepping back from social media is probably a good thing in the long run. I quit facebook a couple of years ago and don’t miss it at all. I’m starting to feel that Instagram and Reddit are much the same and just a way for me to kill half an hour (or more) when I’ve nothing better to be doing.

    My GLP author has been serving me well this past year as a food and fitness journal, it’s a bit annoying at the front and back as it likes to close itself a lot. How’s the B5 in that regard?


  3. We all need a break from things, even if we love them. Enjoy yours!
    I’ve been tempted by the Cross Peerless 125 after reading/watching several positive reviews…and now yours. What’s stopped me is I can only locate it in a medium or fine nib, and a Sailor medium is really a fine. I’m just not a big fan of fine nibs. When first released it was available with a broad nib also, but those are gone, gone, gone. Even Cross confirmed they are out of stock. Nothing like wanting something you can’t have!

    Liked by 1 person

    • stocks them in extra fine and the specialty Sailor zoom nib, although they’re also more expensive there than other places.


  4. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the Peerless. Yes I agree that the clip lets it down a bit. The crystal I rather like. The broad girth and weight do make it feel wonderful in the hand.
    The John Garnham pen looks great as does the new GLP notebook, provided that the line spacing is sensible.

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  5. I really like that faceted Schon and of course I’ll hope to be on FB when JG puts his next model up for sale. Completely understand the need to shut down social media. Happily I’m of the age when we didn’t have anything like it and so I’ve never been addicted to it, which is probably just as well, as like you I would be more tempted by offers. The only downside is when I miss JGs pens, but I’ve got two so I shouldn’t be greedy.

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  6. that sounds like a good call re social media. we’re probably a bit cavalier about the effects of access to a constantly updating stream of *things* in general. let alone one that’s curated in a way without our best interests in mind. (insert here: rant about what we lost by abandoning community-owned social media in favour of corporate-owned platforms)

    and many thanks for alerting me to another interesting brand of notebooks! 🙂


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