Quick sale update

Update: Conid has sold. Platinum has sold. Fox has sold pending funds.

Thanks to my lovely readers, two more pens are winging their way to new owners today. Just as a quick reminder, here are a few pens I still have for sale — and you can see the full list along with notebooks, flashlights, knives and multitools on my for sale page.

Prices include UK shipping, and I’m happy to hand any over at the London pen meet this Saturday, 5th January.

Reason for the reminder? I have this very special pen incoming…

Rouge Sang Pareil

Conid Minimalistica Monarch £350

Effectively as-new. Limited edition of 50, 470 euro list price. If you want to try a Conid, this is a good place to start. Includes steel fine nib; I can sell you a fine or medium Ti nib with it if you like.

Graf von Faber Castell Intuition Platino Ebony £350

I love this pen and it’s served me well, but I don’t use it enough. List price is 695 quid. Get a bargain.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza, black, stub, £200

You could buy it for 400 quid from CultPens or half that from me.

Visconti Wall St LE grey, M, £350

It’s a limited edition in stacked celluloid. What more do you need to know? The medium nib is wet and wide. There’s a teeny bit of staining inside the section, which is hardly noticeable when the nib unit is installed. It’s this exact one from Chatterley. Only, you know, not 900 bucks.

Everything else

Kaweco Dia2 £45

Kaweco Sport Fox £10

Milim Pocket Pen £30P

Platinum 3776 Bourgoine, UEF, £50

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