New year, new Magnificent Seven

2018 was a good one for this blog. Nearly 99,000 views and 78 posts, at final count.

Over the Christmas break I’ve already started work on some new posts for 2019, including some industry interviews, how-to guides, explainers, ink roundups, retrospectives and editorials, as well as reviews of pens at all price brackets.

But: I am expecting to dial back activity on this blog a little. I know that my family and my work are going to need more of my time in 2019. Besides, as you’ll have guessed from my last post, I’m going to focus on using what I’ve got, instead of acquiring new stuff — a great approach to life, I think, but not so good for a blogger.

(That said, I am currently waiting for an Opus 88 Demonstrator, PenBBS Bulkfiller, Montblanc-BMW 146, Conid Regular and Pacific Blue Lamy Al-Star, so the review hopper isn’t running dry just yet).

This will be my last Magnificent Seven post. As I settle on a dozen inks for 2019, there will be much less variety in my carry, and I don’t want to clog up your feed, dear reader, with repetitive posts.

So here goes:

What can I say. I’m ludicrously in love with these pens. They’re fabulous.

Happy new year.

One thought on “New year, new Magnificent Seven

  1. Congratulations on the blog’s success over the past year. Thanks for all the great reads, particularly over the Christmas holidays! I also need to rein in the constant amassing of stationery in 2019. I am very happy with my lot. I totally understand your wish to scale back on the blogging as I know how much time goes into making these posts.

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