Visconti Van Gogh Wheatfield Under Thunderclouds

The “Wheatfield Under Thunderclouds” is a new release, and, like all the other Visconti Van Gogh models, it can be difficult to find enough photos to accurately judge whether you like the edition.


I recently reviewed the Van Gogh model, so consider this some quick thoughts on the new edition only, and a public service of some photos to help prospective buyers!

I bought mine from Iguanasell for £185, with the usual next-day UPS shipping and excellent service. I’m beginning to become an Iguanasell fanboy.

The packaging itself is great. A solid textured box with the painting printed; a soft bed for the pen and ink, and an outer sleeve. It made a great gift for my lucky daughter.


The resin is lovely. Mine is mostly a dark sky blue, with streaks of white.


There’s a smidge of metallic copper:


…but not a great deal of green under normal light — the blue does show green when bright flash light hits it.

Overall, it’s a pretty, cheerful edition.


The Christmas gift box comes with a 30ml bottle of matching ink, which is this lime/grass green.


It reminds me of Diamine Meadow, but I’m not big into bright greens so I don’t have many comparisons. Dry times are good, there’s shading, and it’s a fun colour. Together with the blue pen, they make the complete painting.


The nib is just great. A perfect smooth wet medium, that wrote straight out of the box and then sat for two weeks capped, and resumed without hesitation. Again, I might be lucky, but that’s six Viscontis and only one wrote a little dry. The rest were perfect.



Fit and finish is very good. No seams or rough edges, the clip is aligned with perfect laser engraving of the logo, the cap band is clean and bright.


My only complaint is a tiny bit of errant glue on the inside of the cap where the band was affixed. Incidentally, the magnetic cap closes extremely positively.


I like these pens more and more. If the steel nibs remain this pleasant, and the designs so pretty, I’ll buy more.





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