Six nibs to make you go “phwoar”

Nibs are what fountain pens are all about. As far as I’m concerned, you can have the flashiest celluloid in the world, but I want my eye to go straight to the nib: it’s the jewel in the crown.

The best nibs are not only wonderful performers, but gracefully designed and simply beautiful, too.

So here’s my celebration.

1: Pilot Myu

As I said in my review, to me this nib looks like Concorde. It’s pure engineering: no decoration, nothing fancy. And it’s none the worse for it. (If they made a version 50% bigger, I’d still own it)


2: Pelikan M1000

The two-tone 18k beast on the M1000 couldn’t be more different from the Myu. It’s got acres of gold and rhodium, plenty of space for those intricate looping scrolls.


3: Visconti Homo Sapiens

I love the 23k palladium Visconti nib mainly because of the moon-shaped breather hole — and the eye is subtly drawn to it by the teardrop flourishes radiating from it.


4: Montblanc 149

The daddy of them all. I’m particularly partial to the tri-tone, but it’s the almost deco styling of the “4810” lettering that gets me the most.


(Photo shamelessly stolen from here, because my 18k 149 is on its way…)

5: Sailor Pro Gear

The 21k Pro Gear nib is clearly inspired by the tri-tone 149 nib, but it takes a different tack: the nib is slimmer, and the tri-tone is reversed, mostly rhodium. It gives a lengthening, slimming effect that I love.


6: Platinum 3776

The way Platinum has integrated the peak of Mt Fuji into the 14k nib design is brilliantly elegant. But then there’s the heart-shaped breather hole to inject a bit of whimsy. Exquisite.


Which nibs do you think are the most beautiful?

6 thoughts on “Six nibs to make you go “phwoar”

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