A new jouney began with UKfountainpens.com

by Feng @Onoto

First, I wish Anthony all the best for his new job and enjoy his family life. I would also like to thank him for all his contributions over the last five years. We just can’t deny how much we have gaind from his reviews! I am sure he might want to come back to do a guest post at some point when the time is right. All his content will be saved and untouched for future viewings.

So, here is a new start of the blog! I am normally a backstage person with a passion of making pens and writing up blog post is not really my strong point, hence I would wish to invite any passionate reviewers who would like to contribute. Reviews of any writing instruments or related subjects will be welcomed.

Onoto will be quietly support running the site on the background but will not influcence any future reviews submitted. Instead, I hope to invite a small panel of editors, who will be able to impartially manage any potenial contents.

It is still early days and the process may take some time. Once I am able to do so I hope the site can be useful, interesting and entertaining.

I wish all my friends and readers have a happy writing time.

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