An exciting new start for

After my last post, I received dozens of messages asking me to keep live as a resource for the community.

For a variety of reasons, I couldn’t commit to doing that. But I’m excited to announce something even better.

Feng Li of Onoto will be taking the reins of UKFP.

I’ve known Feng for a few years now — he’s the gentleman I’ve worked with when writing all of my Onoto reviews. You may have met him at a UK pen show. I’ve always found Feng to be a true pillar of our community: innovative, honourable, thoughtful and friendly. I’m confident that UKFP will be in safe hands with him at the helm. And I hope you’ll all give him the warm welcome you’ve shown me over the years.

So what’s the plan? Well, nothing is changing today. My for sale page is still live with a last tray of pens on it (you can still email me for a little while at The next step is a migration behind the scenes in WordPress. Some stuff might break in the migration, but other than that at first things may simply look a little quiet around here while Feng builds a plan.

But you can rest easy: Feng has not only committed to keeping the archive of my reviews live and untouched, but over time perhaps to create new content from voices across the pen community. I’m excited to see what he and the team at Onoto can do.

As for me, well, I’ll be very soon pushing the button to hand over the keys to the site: I’ll be another reader just like you. And while you’ll still see my name and hear my voice in the content archives, you won’t see new content from me here. But for the foreseeable I’ll still be on Instagram, YouTube and the Fountain Pens UK Facebook group.

537 posts, five years and three months… that was the first chapter. Feng, over to you.

8 thoughts on “An exciting new start for

  1. Feng plugged away with me in getting a long standing issue with my lone Onoto (a Heritage) until it was resolved.
    I look forward to to the continuation of UKFP.

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  2. Dear Anthony,
    You are a remarkable writer and a trustworthy gentleman of exemplary character. You and your extraordinary voice are a treasure. Thank you for each episode and essay shared from your journey. You make mine a serene series of steppingstones, absent of stumblingstones. Thank you so very much for the sacrifices you have made for us to learn and to discern.


  3. I am glad to learn that you found a way to keep the site alive. Readers finding a blog that they like, sometimes want to catch up with all the back issues. These become an interesting snapshot of the times in which they were written, like reading an old diary.

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  4. Welcome indeed, Feng! Anthony, I’m glad you’ve found a way to keep the blog alive. And I imagine that should you ever feel a need to write about a pen or two, you could persuade Mr. Li to allow you to a guest post or two. Best of success to you both.


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