My plan for the London pen show this weekend, March 2022

Yep, it’s this time of year again. Another pen show, back in London, and my excitement is mounting.

Here’s my plan so far:

Get started with earlybird entry at 9am. You can still buy tickets!

Head to Cult Pens: I need to swap my broken Narwhal for starters. And check out what goodies Claire and the crew have brought along. Maybe they’ll have a show price on the sexy new blue Waterman Carene?!

On to Onoto: Feng and gang will be there with a new model, the Scholar — at a price that will certainly surprise you. I’ll be picking up a couple to review. (I’m also scoping out my next Magna to buy, but that’s another story…)

Esterbrook will be visiting, for the first time, and they have the next in their line of custom nibs available: a needlepoint by Kirk Speer of Pen Realm. I’ve been dealing with Bryan from Esterbrook for ooh, four years, and have never met the bloke — I’m looking forward to saying hello, and taking one home myself… (a needlepoint, not a Bryan). I love needlepoints, and the Estie is just a great reliable pen. Very excited.

Galen Leather will be on site, and again I hope to be picking up a few review samples, and meeting Yunus and team for the first time, after working with them for years. I have, ooh, 50 notebooks in a box, so I don’t need more paper, but I do love Galen’s work.

I definitely want to stop by at Kilk pens from Turkey. I reached out to them a while ago for a potential review but it didn’t work out. Some fantastic metalwork it seems, that I’d like to check out in person.

I promised my good friend Katja that I would pick up one of William Shakour’s insane new models for her, so I must get to that table before he sells out (which will no doubt be fast).

Ink is next on my list, although heaven knows I don’t need any more. I have about a dozen Wearingeul inks now, but I’ll pick up the new Tolstoy and Kafka ones from Hamilton. From the lovely folks at Pure I plan to get the new Field Notes Underland (the first edition in a while that I’ve been excited about), and a bottle of their Barafundle shader.

I have a few mega-grails that I will idly tempt myself with. A Danitrio has long been hanging around in the back of my mind. If the right Sailor Realo is there, I could be persuaded. Even an Emperor. We’ll see what Sarj and John Foye have with them. And I hear some rumours about Sailor King of Pens… time to stop by Write Here, even if John Hall won’t be there.

The man I fondly called a lunatic on Instagram will also be there, Jose Munuera, over from Ireland with some Gravitas pens, mad stacked nibs and a bit of tuning kit. I would show him my new Oldwin, but it’s back in its box for a journey to Paris. (Click here for the full story)

But I will be taking 10 or so pens, including my beautiful new loaner Tibaldi Bononia Limited from Iguanasell, the Capillaris Titanium pen, some old favourites like my designC, and the Moonlit.

Do stop me and say hello, although with all that to get through in a couple of hours, I may be a bit frazzled!

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