Another pen show? Yes, another pen show.

It barely seems two minutes since the last London Pen Show in July, and here we are just days away from another one. Yes, it’s the autumn London Pen Show this Sunday, and I’ll be there. I hope you will be too.

When I first bought my ticket a few weeks ago, I was feeling very virtuous.

Then I discover just how much will be going on on-site.

As far as I can tell, almost every vendor from the July show will be there: Cult Pens, Write Here, Den’s Pens, Stonecott, Pure Pens, Twiss, St John’s Pens… and many more I don’t have room to list here.

I’ve already had my head turned by some product alerts: KWZ will have a great-looking red ink exclusive for the show, Beefeater Red. Turners Workshop will have Toyooka Craft wooden pen storage — which I previously had to import directly from Japan myself. Scrittura Elegante from the Netherlands will be there (despite Brexit!), and they stock Gazing Far. The illustrious John Garnham should be on site, Sunil from The Good Blue will be there with new prototypes, I hear Ben Walsh may be making an appearance… the list goes on.

Excitingly, there’s a space for the Fountain Pens UK Facebook group, so I’m excited (and nervous) to meet many familiar faces, check out the final result of the Teal Breaker project… and hand over in person a few pens and such that I’ve sold. I’ll also have my Otto Hutt designC with me and my latest arrival, the Visconti Divina Bordeaux on loan from Iguanasell.

I’ll be chatting with Cult Pens about a few ideas, and pick out their exclusive Vinta inks for sure. I have a Scribo to hand over to John Hall at Write Here and I’m hoping to have a peek at some other Scribos, Sailors and the like. And I’m very excited to see Onoto’s latest releases, including the Flanders pen, its new pen roll, and the pen show prototypes. At the other end of the price spectrum, I’ll see if I can resist the Benu Bourbon and Retro51 shuttle pens

Normally I only hang around for a couple of hours max at a show — I’m easily overwhelmed, and so is my wallet. But this time I may not be able to sneak out so quickly!

See you there, perhaps?

5 thoughts on “Another pen show? Yes, another pen show.

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  2. What pens are you bringing with you, Anthony? Would love to see that Yukari Royale of yours in real life if you happen to have it…


  3. As an introvert the hassle involved in attending pen shows has always overtaken the advantages of going to them. The travel expenses, the feelings of inadequacy while there, the overwhelming variety of temptations and ideas, even if you go with a list of things that you might want to see or even buy. And at the end the sensation of having failed to use the time and funds wisely, and the buyers remorse on the trip back home. So I am happy for those who enjoy these meetings but they are not for me.


    • I’m an introvert too and I know what you mean. I’m not going to try to persuade you to change your mind, but many of the concerns you point out are a question of mindset or are avoidable. Travel expenses, well, not much I can do for you there (although for me they pale in comparison with either the savings I make on pens, or the price of the pens themselves!). The feelings of inadequacy I think depend entirely on who you meet. I hang around with folks that spend a LOT more money on pens than I do. I also hang around with folks that consider a Benu to be a huge purchase. I don’t judge, and nor do most pen folk, I think. The temptations… well, yes. But I know several people who came home empty-handed from the show and still had a good time. For me the buyer’s remorse or sensation of failing to use the resources wisely… I do understand what you’re saying, but it’s a question of mindset. There were dozens of pens I wanted at the show, some I could have afforded, some not. I bought a couple. I may keep or sell them, I may enjoy them or feel I made a mistake. That’s all experience, it’s all moving in the right direction. For me it is a question of working on my attitude.

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