Six more for sale

Conklin Mark Twain. Chased coral body. Crescent filler mechanism. Steel nib has bounce and writes a fine/medium line. £30.

Clavijo 1920. Handmade for me in black Japanese ebonite. Piston filler, seamless body, silver rollstop. 18k Clavijo-branded nib, ebonite feed, fine cursive italic. Only a few days old — too light for me. £350.

Sailor Shumibun exclusive turquoise demonstrator Pro Gear. Wonderfully smooth EF nib. Very hard to get hold of! £350.

Lamy Studio Olive and Terracotta. Both smooth EF nibs. Barely used, inked once. £50 each.

Leonard Slattery A Cuig model in Zebrawood. Seamless body. Brass rollstop. Medium steel Bock nib. Comes with special tool to access the converter and a zebrawood pen rest. Really interesting handmade pen. £125.

Still several other pens available over on my for sale page!

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