UKFP Uncapped: 20th October 2019


This week Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery — where I bought my 17mm Cigar — held its Nakaya event. Dries from the Pencilcase Blog was kind enough to send me some photos and try to tempt me with more large Nakayas! I must get myself one of the show-exclusive “Dorsal Zero” designs at some point… they look incredible.

Ian from Schon DSGN was kind enough to send me a sneaky peek at the next batch of Pocket Six colours. There are some awesome autumnal colours coming. Keep your eyes peeled at the product page here!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the analogue world that we’ve culturally nearly forgotten. But just a few years before I joined the marketing career ladder, we were sending printed direct-mail and catalogues, faxing in orders, and creating page layout like this. How things have changed.


On the blog in the past week, I’ve been busy:

I invited you all to share with me what your true grail pens are.

One candidate? The Montblanc Homer. I reviewed this big, rare, expensive pen and liked it a lot — even though it’s not the most practical design in my pen tray.


But proving that you don’t have to be big, rare or expensive to be great, I also shared my enjoyment of the old favourite, the Waterman Carene.


It wasn’t all pens, though. I reviewed a Nock case you probably haven’t seen before: the Burton.


On my doormat

Remember a few months ago I ordered a 1920 pen from the Spanish maker, Clavijo? Well, it landed this week. The pen itself is very understated, and I like it a lot. The gold nib needed work, though (and that seems to be a theme at the moment).


Other than that, a bottle of Montblanc Charm Yellow turned up. I haven’t had a chance to ink it yet!

On my credit card

I nearly made it through the week without ordering anything. However, last night I cracked and ordered a few new inks and some paper from Birmingham.

On my mind

This week, I’ve mainly been concentrating on slimming down my collection through my for-sale page. I’ve said a sad goodbye to my F-C Model 02, Karas Vertex, Sheaffer Legacy, Santini and Aurora Duo-Cart — and Nakaya Decapod.

I must remember the weight that lifts from my shoulders when I have a bit more room in my pen tray and a bit more money in my bank account. As pleasurable as it is to get a new pen in the post, and as exciting as it is to try something new, it brings with it a degree of burden.

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