UKFP Uncapped: 6th October 2019

Today has been a pen-heavy day, thanks to my morning at the London Pen Show. So today’s Uncapped will be on the short side…


Bungubox’s latest edition Tears of Alice pen and ink leapt straight on to my radar when Kaoru posted it on Facebook this week. I find these Japan-only special editions inexplicably alluring, but this one has a sentimental link too. If I can get hold of one, I will.


Desiderata pens announced that a special version of the Precession would be selling exclusively at Goldspot pens. This is great for Pierre, great for Goldspot, and bad for a lot of people’s wallets.

A thread popped up on the usual forums this week from a guy in South Korea called Dovidu, from Eureka pens. He has completely under the radar designed and made multiple models of fountain pen from Japanese ebonite, including making his own silver nibs and his own ebonite feeds. The price is very reasonable. I got in touch and two pens are on their way to review. I love discovering new makers with colossal ambitions.


In case you didn’t spot it, I have a sale going on. Do consider buying a pen to feed your addiction and support the blog at the same time! Five pens sold so far, thank you guys!

On my doormat

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Deepcut Palladium, F. At last I replaced my long-gone Deepcut. This was meant to be a M, but arrived as an F, and actually writes an M. Uneven tipping but writes well.

Waterman Carene waves, M. A beautiful stub (!), and very comfortable. Reminds me of my Sheaffers.

Conklin coral crescent filler, M. A pen show score. Writes narrow for a fine, but an interesting filling mechanism and comfortable pen.

Troublemaker Milky Ocean. At last, my latest Troublemaker arrived! And with a handwritten note, too. This is an electric blue with purple tones, and I like it a lot.

Pen show inks. Ten Krishna samples and four bottles… eek.

Elia notebook. A fine piece of craftsmanship. Can’t wait to start writing in this as my journal. Tomoe with 6mm lines.

Sailor Kobe #53. I’ve got no further than swatching it yet, but this feels like it behaves wonderfully as most Kobe inks do.

A ton of long-awaited pens. Pilot Custom Urushi. Montegrappe Duetto Nero Uno. Schon pocket pen. Mk2 Soubriquet. Second Karas Vertex. I’ve spoken about most of these at length, but my bro kindly brought them over this week after holding them for some months. Mostly I want to say: wow, the Custom Urushi is HUGE. Especially the cap.


A busy week since the last Uncapped. Here’s what went down, in case you missed it.

For sale. More pens added.

Pen show countdown and recap. I looked back on the pens I’d bought at previous pen shows, and what my expectations were for this one.

Today’s pen show thoughts. It was good. I enjoyed it, and came away with a decent haul.

State of the collection. I took a deep breath and stepped through the pens in my main collection, after a couple of months of big change.

New buyer’s guide chapter. I tackled the most competitive slice of the market, from £50 to £100. Lots of pens to choose from in this space.

M205 Star Ruby. A sparkly pen from Pelikan seems to divide opinions. I personally like the colour and trim, and the M20x series is well thought through, but I can’t get past the size.

On my mind

The Schon pocket pen. This has been riding in my coin pocket since I received it. Now THAT is a pocket pen. As well as looking stunning, it turns into a proper full-size pen with a #6 nib, an o-ring keeps the cap on with perfect tension, and it’s built like a brick shithouse. I didn’t think I could love a pocket pen like this.


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