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Since I have now hit double the capacity of my pen tray, it’s time for a ruthless clear out. Over the next few weeks I’ll be listing 19 pens for sale.

I’m selling some darned good, nearly new pens here, sometimes just a few weeks after a positive review. I’d like to emphasise that selling these pens doesn’t change my opinion of them: it’s just that very few pens can compete with the Nakayas, Namikis, Conids etc in my main collection. I barely get enough use out of those beauties to justify having another 20 pens too. Some of the pens I’m selling were given to me as review samples. I’m considering this sale as contributing to blog running costs!

Please use the contact page to make an offer. First firm commitment to buy gets it.

This time, a few introductory statements to answer a lot of the questions I usually get when I sell pens:

  • PRICING. 5% discount if you buy two pens. 10% discount if you buy three pens. 15% if you buy all six. Otherwise, fixed price only. Please don’t email me with offers.
  • OTHER PENS FOR SALE. If you want to ask about pens that I might be selling that aren’t in the photo below, feel free, but these are the only ones I’ve prepped for sale right now in terms of pricing etc.
  • TRADES. If you want to offer me a trade, I’m happy to hear it. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know what floats my boat! But no trades that involve me ending up with more pens than I started with, and no trades that involve me sending cash (the idea is for me to convert pens into money!)
  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. No international sales on this round, please. I know where I am with Royal Mail Special Delivery. UK delivery is included in the price.
  • PAYMENT. All prices are net to me, so payment by PayPal Friends and Family or bank transfer only, please.
  • CONDITION. Consider all pens in good used condition, with minor wear and tear. All pens are boxed unless I’m very much mistaken, please please check if that’s important to you. Nibs are as stated below.
  • SHIPPING TIMES. With a new baby in my household, I’m afraid I can’t make daily runs to the post office. I’ll do a weekly post run on Saturday morning, and that will catch anything that gets bought before Friday night.

Phew. With that out of the way, on to the pens! Pens below left to right in the photo.


Tactile Turn Gist v2 White Delrin, 1.1mm stub — £60

As described in my review.

Kaweco Art Sport Alabaster, B — £100

Rare colour, one of the original versions from a few years back. See my review. Standard B steel nib installed.

Sold pending funds Montblanc 146 BMW, M — £220

Nearly new, filled once only. Boxed with papers.

Aurora Duo-Cart, F/M — £105

Delightful little retro steel-nibbed jotter. Huge box.

Sold pending funds Esterbrook Estie Honeycomb, F — £120

Lovely pen with a great fine nib.

WITHDRAWN Karas Vertex Chrysopoeia, F — £100

Super comfortable. Fine nib, writes a medium. Spare sections included. Has been eyedroppered but no staining and thoroughly cleaned.

And a second batch. Make me an offer for these, not priced yet.

Montegrappa Nero Uno Duetto Linea M

As new, box on another continent though!

Oldwin Terre de Bruyere F

Visconti/Omas Burlwood celluloid. Nib tuned by John Sorowka.

Eboya Natsune medium size Shinkai M

Gold Bock nib. As new, feels a bit too small for me (almost identical to Montblanc 146)

Santini Italia Toscana Ambra stub

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage B

Graf Classic Pernambucco F

Karas Vertex Galeocerdo SOLD

Pelikan M205 Star Ruby F

4 thoughts on “For sale

  1. Oh, I got excited — then realized that I might feel like your neighbor only due to the magic of the internet . . . alas, this neighbor lives across the pond. Ah, well. Next time. Happy selling!


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