What’s on my wishlist?

I can’t help it. No matter how many pens I sell, or how recently I’ve bought wondrous pens like the Visconti Medici and Onoto Magna… there’s always something else. Here’s what I’ve got my eye on today.

Aurora 888 Nettuno

Aurora releases a million special editions, particularly in this, its centenary year. I normally don’t pay much attention, but the blue-green auroloide of this edition really appeals to me, and the cursive Aurora logo on the cap band is much prettier than the block text on the Optima.


Credit: nibs.com

Pelikan M1005 Stresemann

OK, I cancelled my preorder for this beast, and its release has been pushed back to the summer anyway. But I still keep thinking about it. The M1000 series is large, but not comically so. It has all the practicalities of its smaller brethren: screw-out nib unit, quick-off cap, reliable piston filler, good clip. And the large nib is unusually soft.


Credit: endlesspens.com

Wahl Eversharp Decoband Jade

A bit of a cheat this one, since I’ve already committed to buy it. Wow, what a pen. Beautiful sea-turquoise, huge superflex nib, vintage styling on steroids. A pen to experience, even if it’s not exactly practical.


Credit: Chatterley Luxuries

Graf Classic Macassar

I love my Pernambucco Classic, and I keep daydreaming about this beautiful blacked-out version. It doesn’t help that fellow blogger Londonfountainpens received one as a gift recently and loves it. Why does nobody buy me expensive pens?!

Image Created by Iconasys Shutter Stream

Credit: Iguanasell.co.uk

And out of the door…

I should salute the fallen, while I’m writing. This week I’ve said goodbye to a few beautiful, wonderful pens:

Montblanc George Bernard Shaw

A phenomenally beautiful pen that I had to admit to myself wasn’t comfortable in my hands. I’m pleased that it’s gone to someone who wanted this as their grail pen, not to add to a shelf of collections.


Montblanc Rouge et Noir

Perhaps my favourite EF nib of all time, this was hard to say goodbye to. But now I have an EF nib in my Montblanc Petit Prince (which is more comfortable to hold), I should reduce the duplication in my collection.


Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Deepcut Palladium

Another pen I loved. I have no idea why these Sheaffers get so little attention: the inlaid nibs are beautiful, the construction is bulletproof, and the stout shape is extremely comfortable. Luckily, I have a second, and I’m hanging on to that one for sure.


Platinum President

This was never going to be a lifetime keeper. A good pen, with a good nib, but my tastes have (sadly) rarefied…


Kaweco Art Sport Coral

A wonderful pen, incredibly tactile in the hand, but the colour wasn’t what I was expecting. I’ll stick with my Art Sport Alabaster.


Visconti Van Gogh Dr Gachet

In came the Visconti Medici at the pen show — out goes the Van Gogh. A lovely pen, with a willing broad nib and practical design, but I’d always rather use one of my Homo Sapiens.


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