UPDATED: more pens for sale!

I try to maintain a one-in, one-out policy for pens. I’m not very good at it, but I try. Here is a new batch of pens for sale, updated 17th March 2019!

All prices include UK shipping and are based on payment by bank transfer or PayPal friends and family.


Oldwin Art Deco ‘Rouge Sang Pareil’ — £775

This is a one-off, unique pen from Mora Stylos in Paris. It is hand lacquered in red and gold by French artist Morgan Wisser, and it is utterly beautiful, particularly in motion.


The nib is huge and 18k, but unlike most Oldwins it writes a fine line, full of personality. It’s a cartridge-converter filler, with an ebonite feed.


Regular readers may remember that my purchase experience with Mora Stylos was a little painful, and the first two nibs I received had problems. Rest assured, this pen now works perfectly.

It’s supplied boxed, and in as-new condition. I have put two or three converters of ink through it only.


Montblanc Writer’s Edition George Bernard Shaw, M — £625

I bought this not long ago. It is boxed, but at some point during the last ten years, the service book has disappeared.

Great condition, and a great writer — it has a medium nib.


Lamy Al-Star Pacific Blue, B — £15

Not much to say about this, really. I only bought it to try out a particular colour of Lamy ink cartridge. As-new condition, smooth broad nib.


Kaweco Art Sport Coral, M — £60

Used only to review, as-new condition. The Art Sports are wonderfully finished and a real step up from the bog-standard Kaweco Sport. I just prefer my Art Sport Alabaster.



Visconti Van Gogh Dr Gachet, B — £100

As-new condition, broad nib is great. Selling only because it doesn’t get much use.



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