Pens for sale!

If you read my last post, you’ll have spotted that I’ve bought rather a lot of pens in the past couple of months. So it’s time to sell some and restore balance to the force. Also, I want a Conid.

As usual with my sales, all pens below are in well looked-after condition and are good writers. Where the box was nice, I’ve kept it. If that matters to you, please drop me a line to ask and I can go dig up the box to check!

All prices assume Paypal friends and family or bank transfer.

I’m including recorded delivery within the UK. I’ll happily ship internationally, but at your cost (it’s typically around £20 to ship a pen to the USA via Royal Mail).

I’ll take offers, but only if you’re buying more than one pen — I’m not interested in negotiating otherwise, thank you. I’ll consider swaps, but I’m only really looking for a Conid Regular or Kingsize, Scribo, Montblanc LEs, faceted Vanishing Point, Pilot Myu.

Photos were taken this evening. Links within the description will take you to my review of the pen.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza, black, 1.3mm stub, £170

An interesting pen, good size and weight, but the nib is too fat for me. I paid $260 for it. Good luck getting one from a UK retailer…


Kaweco Dia 2, black and chrome, your choice of Kaweco nibs, £50

A great way to swap in Kaweco Sport nibs but in a more comfortable body. I’ve removed the spring from the barrel so you can safely use converters.


Lamy Dialog 3, black, fine, £165

The Lamy Z55 nib is amazing, and the Dialog is a marvel of engineering. I just don’t write with it much any more.


Pilot Fermo navy blue, fine, £130

A very nice writer and much more elegant than the usual Vanishing Point.


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