Looking ahead to the London Writing Equipment Show

I didn’t make it to the Bristol Pen Show this year, or Newcastle. Due to an unexpected business trip I won’t make the London Pelikan Hub next week, alas.

So the LWES in October will be my only pen show of the year (gasp!) and there’s a lot riding on it. To say I’m looking forward to it would be an understatement.

At least I’m feeling much more prepared for it than I was last year. So prepared am I, in fact, that I’ve already written my wishlist. Here goes.

If Regina Martini (who I bought my Platino and Homo Sapiens from) is there with any more bargain Grafs, I’ll probably succumb to the lure of the Classic — especially if in Macassar.

And also on the German front, I’ll be keeping my eye out for a Montblanc 149 in Platinum trim, ideally with a big fat OB nib.


Credit: https://www.iguanasell.co.uk/products/montblanc-meisterstuck-149-platinum-fountain-pen-precious-resine

In new pens, I’d love to take a look at the Scribo OMAS reincarnations from Write Here. £450 seems a bit steep, but there’s something about them…


Credit: https://www.writeherekitenow.co.uk/write-here-scribo-2.html

On the vintage side, I’m still jonesing for a faceted Vanishing Point and to see if the Murex fits any better in my hand than the Myu.


Credit: https://flexandotherfollies.wordpress.com/2017/05/26/pilot-murex/

I’ve been thinking about the Visconti Van Gogh, either Starry Night or Dr Gachet, but I’m nervous about how cheap they may feel in the hand and how the colours come out on the barrel. Seeing them in person would be great.


Credit: https://chatterleyluxuries.com/product/visconti-van-gogh-125th-anniversary-collection-doctor-gachet-fountain-pen/

And while I’m on the matter of Viscontis, who knows if I’ll encounter a Corsani90 or Octa90nal, a Brunelleschi or other LE at a bargain price. Still in Italy, I may try out an Aurora again and see if it sticks.

On the cheap pen front, if there’s a Terracotta Lamy Studio on display I may bite, despite having sold my last Studio quite enthusiastically a couple of years ago. And the Parker Jotter FP might also be worth a gander, if I can see one.


Credit: https://www.cultpens.com/i/q/LM62374/lamy-studio-fountain-pen-terracotta-limited-edition

Unfortunately, I’m not expecting to see any of the pens I’m most keen on right now — customs from Kanilea and Atelier Lusso, American pens from Karas Kustoms and Franklin-Christoph, and Conid alas won’t be at the show this year. We get a different kind of vendor than the US shows.

To be honest, I really don’t need any ink.

I’ll get a bottle of Sailor Sou Boku for sure, and perhaps some of the murky greens that are available in the Japanese limited editions — Waga Uguisu, or Bungubox Green Tea.

Just for the bottle, I’ll keep an eye out for ST Dupont ink, and for the joy of collecting, any Montblanc LEs that I don’t currently have.

That lot should keep me happy and my bank balance most definitely sad…

7 thoughts on “Looking ahead to the London Writing Equipment Show

  1. Anthony… your wishlist is as eccentric as ever. Loving the GVFC Macassar for myself. I’ve repaired a few ‘leaking’ MB149’s this year… love and hate relationship. Have good time at the London show. Look forward to reading your review.


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