Resisting the stationery sirens

Gear acquisition syndrome is something I’ve wrestled with a few times on the blog, and from the forums and sites I visit, I’m not alone.

Even after a splurge, and at a time like Christmas, it’s all too easy to get fixated on the next target. And in these circumstances I find it helpful to burst my own bubble.

Here are six stationery sirens I’m trying to resist right now.

1. Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl

Why I want it: That chattoyance! It’s a beautiful pen, which also happens to be really comfortable and incredibly practical. And it’s running out of stock.

Why I shouldn’t: I have two M800-series Pelikans already. And the Ocean has no ink window.

Chances of failure: dangerously high. Just look at that damned thing.

2. Visconti London Fog

Why I want it: It’s got pretty much everything I love about my Homosapiens, in a beautiful demonstrator colour scheme. And it’s getting super rare.

Why I shouldn’t: In the few places it’s left in stock, it’s an 800-euro pen. And I’m afraid I’ll miss the lava-resin material of my Homosapiens. Also, minor point, the coloured swirls vary from pen to pen and I’m afraid I’d get a dud.

Chances of failure: moderate. Rarity may save me from myself.

3. Pilot Murex

Why I want it: It’s like the Pilot Myu, but longer and with ribbed grips!

Why I shouldn’t: It’s still a slim pen and like the Myu it’ll probably write drier than I’d like.

Chances of failure: low. I hope I’ve learned my lesson with slim pens.

4. Graf von Faber Castell Classic and Guilloche Burnt Orange

Why I want it: A slender version of my Platino, in beautiful wood or bright resin.

Why I shouldn’t: When will I learn to avoid skinny pens, and doubly so with smooth metal sections?

Chances of failure: low. All I need to do is keep chanting “no metal sections”.

5. Sailor King of Pen

Why I want it: To further complete my collection of flagships, and try the best Sailor nib.

Why I shouldn’t: Even importing from Japan the “cheap” resin version will cost me £400; the ebonite version about £600. The ebonite version will smell and the resin version looks like a Montblanc 149 but with a bog-standard converter. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to spend £400+ on a C/C demonstrator, either…

Chances of failure: high. How can I not experience that nib?

6. Pelikan M400 White Tortoiseshell

Why I want it: Isn’t it pretty?! And cheap compared to most of the pens on this list…

Why I shouldn’t: It’s tiny and light. Again, when will I learn?

Chances of failure: low. I should be able to stick to large Pelikans, especially with the Ocean Swirl calling my name.

We’re all fighting our personal battles against temptation. What sirens are singing to you right now?


12 thoughts on “Resisting the stationery sirens

  1. 1. Like you, the M800 Ocean Swirl. Been looking at photos of it at Niche Pens only this evening. Aargh… 2. Edison Collier in burnished gold finish with a gold nib. Maybe then I would be happy. 3. Pelikan M1000. Green stripe. Would love to try that huge field of gold nib. Sorry Sting. Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Knowing that there is a name for it helps.

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    • By all accounts, the Collier absolutely punches above its weight. I don’t have it, but I know people who do! The M1000 I do have, in plain black. In fact I planned out this post using it. It’s really fabulous, and dare I say it, a real bargain compared to the prices of other large pens. Sorry, that didn’t help you resist!

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  2. I rarely try to dissuade someone from getting a pen, but knowing your preferences, keep avoiding the Murex. It’s far too slim for you and the nib is fine fine fine. Find some pen friend who has one who’ll let you borrow it for a while if you really want to try one.

    I hope to continue resisting the Conid Bulkfiller’s siren song.


  3. Oh my gosh so many sirens for me !!! A Peikan M1000 or M800, a Franklin-Christoph, the Sailor King of Pen, any Edison, any Montegrappa, few Watermans, any Nakaya, a Faber Castell…. Oh my God !!! I’m dead !!


      • Well, I don’t own any Pelikan at all and that’s à European brand so… And between the two you’re talking here, it would be the M805. Same story for the Faber Castell. As much as I love the look of the Visconti London Fog, I’ve heard a lot of disappointment about Visconti in general. And I really think it’s not allowed when you’re reaching this price point. For the same amount money, I’d go for a MontBlanc. And of course the Sailor KOP is also very appealing to me….


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