Link love — September 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some recommended reading. Time to set that straight. Here are six links that are top of mind for me right now.

Mountain of Ink

How has it taken me until now to discover this wonderful blog? 100, count em, amazing ink reviews with comprehensive comparisons and great photography. Run, don’t walk, then fire up notepad to start making a wishlist. I did.

Reddit /r/fountainpens

This is a daily visit for me now. A proper community feel and a good complement for FPN and FPgeeks.

Pocket Notebooks

A great store — that you already knew. Check out Off-Lines if you haven’t already. But I really enjoy Stu’s blog, too. Honest, readable, fun.

Three Staples

Sure, it’s mostly about Field Notes — which I now admire from afar, lest the paper spontaneously feather from proximity to fountain pens. But the photography and store visits are great to ogle.


Great photography, and thorough video reviews of pens, pencils, and more… but that’s not all. Dig into the archives and you’ll find infographics, helpful guides… Scrively is an absolute treasure-trove. Michael is also a prolific Instagrammer and his pictures are lovely.

Baugh Labs

I’m still a sucker for handmade machined pens, even today. When I saw this reviewed by the Clicky Post I had to order one. A great Instagram too, showing behind-the-scenes machinist insights, watches, and pens.


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