The big January sale: pens, watches, cameras, EDC

Update: almost everything sold already is packed and labelled and Royal Mail will be collecting it on Monday 24th Jan.

Right gang, you know the drill. A long list of stuff below. Here’s the important stuff:

  • I HAVE A LOT OF ITEMS TO ADD and will be adding to this post throughout the week, starting with watches. Please check back. I will try to strikethrough or delete items as they sell — apologies if you email and an item has already sold.
  • Please consider each item to be in good used condition, fully functional and well looked after. I try to take clear photos that indicate condition. Pens and watches are boxed, other stuff probably isn’t.
  • Pricing is mostly firm. I will ignore lowball offers. If you buy multiple items we can absolutely do a deal.
  • Shipping for any purchase is £5 in the UK. I will happily ship internationally but before you ask me to get you a price, please be aware that shipping costs have never been higher, and high-value items will cost money to ship. Please don’t be offended by the increased cost.
  • Payment via PayPal please, and prices are net to me. You can safely use “friends and family” — I have sold hundreds of items and never failed to deliver — but if you want to use “goods and services”, you’re welcome to do so. Please add the fee on to the amount you pay.
  • Please include your shipment address IN YOUR PAYPAL NOTES. I tend to get orders via FB Messenger, Instagram, two email accounts, even comments here, and I would hate to lose your address!
  • If you have questions about items, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll try to answer — but when I run a sale post like this I normally get a LOT of email and I will prioritise those saying “I’ll take it!” before I get to those asking questions.
  • For any inquiries, please email [email protected].
  • It may take me a few days to flush, pack and arrange shipment. Thank you in advance for your patience!

OK, here goes.

Serica 4512 California dial £500

Again, remember that if you order from Serica in France you will pay import duty, so price reflects that. Robust handwound toolwatch with interesting legible dial, 200m water resistant and the incredibly comfortable Bonklip steel bracelet. Boxed.

Swatch MOMA Starry Night £50

Unworn. Fascinating artwork across dial, case and strap.

Hahnemuhle Slim, 18k M nib, £200

A beautiful German-made pen with delicious 18k nib for only £200? Someone please bite my arm off.

Everything else

4 thoughts on “The big January sale: pens, watches, cameras, EDC

  1. I see two other pens on your for sale list? Can you let me know what the price of those two are? Do you have any further details too?


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