For sale: Nakaya, Lamy, Cross and more

A few new pens from my personal collection up for sale. As always, consider these to be in inked but very good condition, and boxed. Prices include UK shipping and are based on PayPal friends and family or bank transfer. All of these are exceptional pens, many of them are uncommon. Selling only to keep my collection small, small, small.

Please email to purchase.

Nakaya Dorsal Fin v2 Heki Tamenuri, F ruthenium nib, £1,400

Only a couple of months old and yes, one of my top three pens. A good writer, beautiful, an aesthetic achievement, and it was a grail pen for me. I paid over £1,500 (including the plated nib, import charges, etc) and it took months to arrive via a very reputable European authorised dealer. You can have it this week, with a maki-e converter.

Lamy 2000 brown, F nib, £400

Comes with untouched notebook, book, etc, and barely a couple of weeks old. Clip is a lovely cola colour, brown Makrolon is rich and warm. Number 2549 of 3300. Obviously you can still find them at £490, or you could save £90 and buy mine. If the price has been holding you back, maybe that will tip you over the edge…

Cross Peerless 125 Platinum Medalist, F nib, £375

You can get the Peerless for less, but not in this rare finish. If the blue quartz / brown titanium finishes don’t appeal to you, and you don’t like a gold clip… this is the best option. Beautiful barleycorn pattern. Killer F Sailor nib.

Venvstas Magna CC, F titanium nib, £160

An unusual and astonishingly ergonomic pen. Looks like nothing else. And a very good writer, with a crisp fine nib.

GM Customs Pens Shamshir blue Nikko ebonite, F ‘arctic’ nib, £100

A LARGE seamless pen made from very pretty ebonite. The branded JoWo nib is plated and writes very well.

Gioia Alleria Nuvola, F nib, £100

A beautifully understated, large Italian piston filler with excellent F JoWo nib, for a hundred quid.

3 thoughts on “For sale: Nakaya, Lamy, Cross and more

    • It’s an incredible pen. I’m only selling it because I can’t justify to myself keeping both the Dorsal and the 17mm Cigar, and I have sentimental attachment to the Cigar, which I haven’t yet built up for the Dorsal. Same for the brown Lamy versus the Bauhaus blue.


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