Pens for sale: Montegrappa, Visconti, ASC, Montblanc, Cross, Staedtler

New year, new pens for sale. All of these pens are lightly used, have been kept cased, and come boxed unless otherwise stated. All are wonderful pens; the simple reason for sale is that I am pruning still further, down to my top 20 pens.

Prices are net to me, excluding postage. UK shipping is £8 for any size order. To minimise admin, minimum order size is £50. I will happily ship internationally by tracked and insured courier at your cost — please get an estimate online before you approach me so you’re comfortable with how much that’s likely to be. Shipping a £500 pen to the US is likely to cost £50+.

No trades or part-exchanges please unless you have arco verde, Nagasawa Realo Chaska, Nakaya Dorsal 2, King of Pen Urushi :).

As always, to buy please contact me.

Writing samples first. Excuse the ink bleeding, it’s not the pen’s fault.

Sold Montegrappa Extra 1930 Colori del Mare ‘the Sea’ #10/27, M nib, £900

#8 nib, sterling silver trim, gorgeous blue celluloid body, ratcheting piston filler, custom seahorse nib imprint, ebonite feed, and a truly limited edition of 27. The standard Extras sell for £1,100 — this one is special.

Montegrappa Monte Grappa, black, 14k M nib, £295

This gold-nibbed version retails for £445 and is now very hard to get hold of.

Sold Visconti Lava Color Homo Sapiens, F

The brand new version with magnetic cap and in-house 14k nib. Vac filler, lava body, the works — and a £600 retail price if you can find it in stock. Since I reviewed it I worked on the nib and now it’s a wonderful writer.

Montblanc Rouge et Noir Coral, F, £500

Comes in Montblanc box with iZods papers. Beautiful pen with bicolour nib and gems on the clip. Nib is a bouncy fine.

Cross Sauvage Year of the Rat, F, £150

Street price is £275. Gold nib with good spring to it, beautiful blue and gold engraved body.

Sold. ASC Studio Blue Pinnacle, M

Currently sold out new. Writes a wet, wide medium. Piston filler, beautiful material, ink window.

Staedtler Premium Lignum, M, £80

As recently reviewed. Lovely pen with a smooth-writing steel nib and plum wood barrel.

4 thoughts on “Pens for sale: Montegrappa, Visconti, ASC, Montblanc, Cross, Staedtler

  1. While those are all lovely pens, I confess I am glad that none are on my wish list. Staying at home for the pandemic has left me far too much time to look at pens and to justify purchasing some as a way to mitigate the effects of isolation. The worst part is, with my husband teaching from home, he sees most of the packages coming in. 🙂

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