New to UKFP? Here’s the tour

New to the site? Long-time visitor but only ever browse on mobile, or via RSS? It’s quite possible you’re missing out on some resources and posts that you might find useful. So come with me while I take you on a quick tour.

Looking for a pen?

Well, you’re in luck. I maintain a page that tracks every one of the 100+ pen reviews I’ve published over the past three and a half years. I’ve organised it by broad price categories, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Check out the review index here.

Need a little more help?

I’ve published a few buyer’s guides over the years. As you might expect, they’re not 100% up to date, but they’re a great place to start.

Under £50

£50 to £100

Everything else

And if you have a specific request… drop me an email. I can’t promise I’ll get back to you that quickly, but I’ll try!

Curious about a pen of mine that you’ve seen on Instagram?

Check out my State of the Collection posts. I try to publish each month, with photos and lists of the pens I have in active use. It’s a great resource to see what is sticking, and for size comparisons.

Want to find out more about how I work?

I have published an About page that tells you the basics. My ethics page should give you some reassurance that I’m telling you the truth in my reviews. And in complete transparency, here’s the page I’ve published for brands and retailers looking to work with me, so you can see my editorial approach.

How do I fund the site?

Short answer: badly! This is not a profit-making enterprise. I get a little income from WordPress advertising, but only just about enough to pay the WordPress bill. Retailers and brands often supply products to me for review, which means I don’t need to buy so much stuff from my own pocket. I sell the odd pen on this page. And some kind readers donate — if I’ve helped you find the right pen or just entertained you for a few minutes, please consider doing the same.

At the moment, I do not use affiliate links, create sponsored content for brands, or have any site-wide sponsorships. If I consider doing these in the future I will be transparent about it.

Where do I buy my pens and stuff?

I try to include links to reputable retailers in my reviews where possible. But I also have retailers that I support regularly. I covered some in this post and this post, and I keep a list in the sidebar of the site. Can’t see it? Check out the blog on a desktop browser, just in case.

How can you get an alert when I make a post?

In the sidebar of the site you can follow the blog via RSS or via email. I also try to flag each new post on my Instagram. I don’t post every day, but you can expect at least one new post per week most of the time.

Last tips?

Don’t forget the archives! If you’ve stumbled on this blog via search, or accessed a new review on Instagram, don’t stop there.

I’ve made HUNDREDS of posts over the past few years: pen show writeups. Paper and ink roundups. Industry trend predictions. Visits to pen shops. Tours of my desk setup and portable kit. Reviews of cases and desk accessories. Deeper musings into the nature of this hobby and the psychology of a pen addict. There’s a search bar on the site or use Google with in the search bar.

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