A new sale

These posts are always difficult to write. Time to move some cherished pens to new homes in order to raise some needed funds.

Getting the headlines posted. If you want photos and writing samples and aren’t satisfied with the pics on this blog and my Instagram feed, please ask.

Given Covid joys international shipping is probably unrealistic. For UK I will probably consolidate trips to the post office so expect delays; otherwise we can talk about DHL collection or something else.

All pens have been inked and written with, lovingly looked after and always cased, and are boxed.

Act fast, I may withdraw from sale at any time.

Delta Dolce Vita Stantuffo Oro M, £550

This is very special. Delta’s model naming is a minefield so let me explain. This is the large size, but not crazy oversize. It’s full Delta orange. The trim is vermeil. The nib is solid gold, not fusion, and the previous owner told me it was tuned to a stub by Mike Masuyama. I have no documentation of this but I have owned several Masuyama grinds and this feels like one. Unlike most Deltas this is a piston filler with an ink window. In other words it is a true no-compromise spec and I feel like I’m being an idiot to let it go. Priced accordingly.

Aurora 88 Nettuno, Italic, £450

A wonderful italic nib that I worked on, beautiful material, limited edition of 888 (and the nicest one in my opinion).

Pilot Vanishing Point LS Purple, F, £320

Yes, the one I just reviewed. May be the only one in the UK., so avoid the cost and delays of Covid shipping.

Lamy 2000 Black Amber, F, £350

The 50th anniversary limited edition. Lamy swapped the nib to a fine for me. Big box.

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Deepcut Palladium F, £225

They’re bringing back the Legacy later in the year (at 400 euros), and good thing too. Cool inlaid nib, bulletproof metal body, practical converter. This writes a wet true fine. Of all the Legacy models, this palladium version is in my opinion the nicest, and better looking than the renders of the upcoming designs.

Clyde Pen Co Azure Blue Ebonite Torpedo, M, £100

Wonderful pen but the cap takes too many turns to remove for my taste.

Montblanc Heritage 1912, M, £550

Yep, I’m doing it. Good used condition, beautiful writer, boxed.

Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue Rhodium, Ultra Extra Fine, £100

Only selling because I have other needlepoints now that are a better fit for my hand. Note that this is rhodium trim throughout and has the special UEF nib — which is smooth and has good flow. Great example.

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