Nine pens for sale

Updated to remove sold pens.

So. I’m taking my collection even tighter. It took some effort to hit the ‘publish’ button on this post, but I’ve listed nine pens below for sale. There’s over £3,500 of pens here so it’s probably my biggest sale yet, and for those keeping track, this will bring me down to 21 active pens.

I really like each of these pens: they’re beautiful, write well, and meet my very high standards of comfort and practicality. Some of them are also pretty hard to find nowadays. So, I’m not selling at firesale prices, I’m unlikely to accept any cheeky offers, and perhaps most importantly, I may withdraw any of the pens at any time — so don’t hang around if you’re interested.

All the usual terms: payment by Paypal F&F or bank transfer, prices include UK shipping, I will ship internationally at your cost, but be aware that shipping a valuable pen to the USA via DHL costs £50 or more. Pens are all in good used condition. Any questions, ask.

Want to buy? Contact me.

First, the writing samples:

Aurora Oceano Pacifico £725

Italic 18k nib, piston filler, sterling silver section, clip and fittings. Beautiful and number 474 in a limited edition. This is a cut above the usual Aurora in weight and feel, while still retaining the usual Aurora ink window, fast-off cap and ink reserve. If you’re worried about the metal section being slippery, don’t be — silver is wonderful under the fingers. I’m in two minds about selling this.

Delta Dolce Vita Stantuffo Oro £900

This is very special. Delta’s model naming is a minefield so let me explain. This is the large size, but not crazy oversize. It’s full Delta orange. The trim is vermeil. The nib is solid gold, not fusion, and the previous owner told me it was tuned to a stub by Mike Masuyama. I have no documentation of this but I have owned several Masuyama grinds and this feels like one. Unlike most Deltas this is a piston filler with an ink window. In other words it is a true no-compromise spec and I feel like I’m being an idiot to let it go. Priced accordingly.

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Deepcut Palladium F, £325

They’re bringing back the Legacy later in the year (at 400 euros), and good thing too. Cool inlaid nib, bulletproof metal body, practical converter. This writes a wet true fine. Of all the Legacy models, this palladium version is in my opinion the nicest, and better looking than the renders of the upcoming designs.

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