So, uh… want to buy a Conid?

Buy these before I change my mind…
  • Conid Kingsize flattop demonstrator Ti F and Ti M stub from FPnibs (both nibs included): £850. (Remember: Conid aren’t taking orders at the moment!)
  • Lamy Imporium 14k EF, matte titanium finish: £225. Stunning writer (more like an F line).
  • Leonard Slattery A Haon Grenadilla F: £120. Probably the nicest steel fine nib I’ve used.
  • Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen demonstrator B: £340. With the big nib. About £700 new.

Comment or contact if you’re interested.

All part of my dogged determination to get down to 20-25 pens. If these (plus the other pens I have for sale) go, I’ll be down to 27 pens. Help me out.

2 thoughts on “So, uh… want to buy a Conid?

    • I thought of it more as “converting it into a weekend break away for my partner’s birthday and our kids”. Still painful, but I have a drawer full of other pens to console me!


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