UKFP Uncapped: 25th October 2019 (a big week…)

The blog was quiet this week, for three reasons. First is personal: I’m going through a major change of role in my day job, which has taken my full attention. Second is a spot of burnout. I’ve made 15 posts in October already, and I’ve hit a bit of a wall. Third, I’m still working through my sale. Thanks to those of you who have bought pens from me.

And finally, I’m spending time with my keebs getting them set up just so…


I explained the thinking behind my sale strategy, specifically how and why I sell pens that I like. And it’s not just for the money.

On my doormat

TWSBI Inks. These are great inks. For a set of six, the price is right. The frosted bottles (18ml) are cute, much like the little Iroshizuku ones. The colours are very nice, and they perform well. The packaging is nice.

But I immediately set to wondering: six inks total. Two greens, pink, purple, orange, and sky blue. It’s a nice palette, fresh and youthful, a bit playful. But. Why two greens?! Why not a darker blue, or a brown, or a red, or a teal, or even a black? Or if we’re staying young and pale, a yellow, a silvery-grey? I didn’t think green was that popular.

Sailor King of Pen demo. My Pro Gear Shumibun demo leaves the house, and the very next day its bigger brother lands. I’ve been umming and ahhing about a KoP for years but never saw one at the right price at the right time. I actually took this in part exchange, and I’m really enjoying the broad nib. Wet enough, not as much feedback as some previous Sailor nibs, and bouncy too.

Eureka pens. You may remember me mentioning this South Korean brand before, which popped up a month or so back with with a unique range of huge Japanese ebonite pens, in-house feed design, silver (!) nibs, all done in-house by a single guy. Well, the two pens I ordered landed this week, and while they’re not perfect, they are very impressive — especially for about $150 each. Look for a full review shortly. But if you’re curious, I can say now that you can order with confidence.

On my credit card

I couldn’t resist picking up two more of Ian’s Pocket Six pens when the new limited editions hit yesterday. I mean, look at these:


The black and gold looks like the Montblanc 146 Expression. Hah!

Also incoming? A Field Journal from Lochby. I’m interested to check out this new brand with its rugged stationery products. The G-clip fastener is a personal favourite, and these guys Tomoe, too.


And that’s everything for this week. I have a load of big reviews in progress: Pilot Custom Urushi, Clavijo 1920, Eboya Natsume, the Eureka Pens. And provisionally I’m planning to take next week off from blogging. Don’t forget about me while I’m gone, y’hear?

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