UKFP Uncapped: 13th October 2019

Welcome back to Uncapped! This is my 301st post on UK Fountain Pens. I hadn’t realised I’d passed that milestone, so raise a belated glass with me here….


Fudefan took us on a photographic tour of the Tokyo pen show. I practically hyperventilated with excitement. It looked amazing.

Mary from From the Pen Cup gives a raw and honest account of clearing through her stationery hoard. Mine is not quite this serious, but I’m well overdue the same kind of Kondo process.


700 year old French paper mill. If you like paper (and I know you do) check out this glorious video.

Sometimes other bloggers get to a topic before I do, and I can’t work out whether to be pleased or annoyed! John does a fabulous job of summarising the main types of fountain pen ink. Count me in for the shading and multichromatic. One to bookmark.

The big lure of tiny keyboards. Since I spend more time typing than writing, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long to really get into keyboards (more on that below). This Wired article is great.


Only two articles this week (hey, I have a life!)

Check out my review of the Pocket Six from Schon DSGN, my new favourite pocket pen.


I tried out a notebook from Milan’s Legami, courtesy of The Writing Desk.


On my doorstep

One big, one small this week.

The big? A Montblanc Writer’s Edition Homer fountain pen. I have been frantically scribbling my thoughts on this beast, which got very little attention from the blogosphere. Suffice it to say that I think it’s underrated, and much more comfortable than it looks.

The small? My latest hit from Nero’s Notes — including the Pebble Stationery Glacier edition, with its fabulous silver edging, as reviewed on Pen Addict and Well-Appointed Desk. I also received the new Field Notes autumn edition, another Nock Lookout, a Clairefontaine Deco notebook, and Paradise Blue Kaweco cartridges to use in my Schon pen. Chuffed to bits, and the usual great service from Claire and Stu.

On my credit card

One big, one medium, one small.

The big? A Graf von Faber Castell Intuition Platino Grenadilla, with a fine nib. I was secretly looking for one of these at the pen show to replace the Ebony B I sold.

The medium? The latest Visconti Van Gogh, the Wheatfield with Crows. I couldn’t resist. It has gold trim, but the teal colouring looks perfect with it. And it seems that Visconti has a new nib design for the Van Gogh. This version is a gift set, which comes with a matching ink. Can’t wait.


The small? Montblanc Charm Yellow, the latest Zodiac ink for the year of the rat. I like trying these out, and Golden Yellow from Montblanc is my favourite yellow.


On my mind

I have a neverending review queue, but I couldn’t resist reaching out to Ferris Wheel Press to try out some of their products. I love their modern-retro colour palette, filled with warm yellows, rich corals and cool teals, and ornate, carnivalesque patterns.

It’s great to see a brand take its overall aesthetic so seriously and the result is cohesive and delightful. Incoming to me is a gift set containing a pen, ink, notebook and folio, which I think would make an awesome Christmas gift. Look out for a review in a couple of weeks.

Remember the keyboard article I linked to at the top of this post? Well, I’ve gone down the mechanical keyboard rabbithole a little in the past week. I mean, who can resist the allure of this?


Expect slower, typo-ridden blog posts in future…


2 thoughts on “UKFP Uncapped: 13th October 2019

  1. Congrats on #300 and yes, the Homer is excellent isn’t it. And probably more comfortable than a standard 149 while sharing the nib. Looking forward to your review!
    Lovely also how the cap closes perfectly to preserve the carved illustration.

    Liked by 2 people

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