UKFP Uncapped: 7th September 2019

A day early for Uncapped this week — I gotta keep you on your toes, right?


  • It looks like there’s a new Platinum RED version of Montblanc’s M. Hideously expensive (£1,200) and in my opinion has lost the appeal of the M’s design…
  • More reviews rolling in on the Vertex. I personally haven’t experienced the eyedropper burping issues that some reviewers have noticed, but I certainly feel the pain of the Bock quality control issues!
  • And another review of the Duo-Cart — good to see I’m not the only one enjoying this little workhorse of a pen.
  • People are starting to get their Lamy Bauhaus 2000s, and it looks a little… dull? I’ll reserve judgement until mine arrives — hopefully in the coming week.
  • People are starting to get their Pelikan M1005 Stresemanns, too. Still pondering whether I should risk getting one of these, given my recent problems with Pelikan.
  • I keep thinking about trying Taccia inks. Anyone have a particular recommendation from the range?

On my doormat

  • The Sailor Pro Gear Turquoise Demonstrator that I ordered from Japan arrived. I had a customs bill of around £70 to pay, but the process was remarkably smooth. And the pen is super cute. I plan to review it soon. Sailor EF nibs are FINE, too!
  • I ordered and received a Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66 Solid Ice this week, and it made my Friday.


As mentioned above, I posted my experiences getting my latest Franklin-Christoph.


I also wrote up my thoughts on my second Oldwin. A case of “fool me once, fool me twice?”



I heard an update from Gabriel of Clavijo pens this week… my custom pen is under construction and should arrive this month. I called it…

And so near, yet so far… next week I was meant to be travelling to California for work. I ordered some lovely ink, including the grenade-bottled Sumi ink, two Bungubox colours, and the limited Penlux MO plum and orange. And a ton of Tomoe, of course. And then my trip got cancelled! So who knows when I’ll get to pick that up…

On my mind

A quick shout out to Krishna Autumn, which I swapped in to my Estie Honeycomb. It’s a great fit for the pen and simply a lovely ink.

Other than that? Hey, I have a newborn baby. There’s nothing on my mind apart from the need for sleep!

Have a wonderful week, all.



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