State of the blog: what’s coming next

Time to catch my breath

It’s been a busy few weeks here at UKFP. In the past 30 days I’ve posted reviews of the new Estie, the Kasama Una, the Karas Vertex and the Montblanc Agatha Christie (as always, you can find a list of my reviewed pens here); inks from Anderillium; paper from Lamy and Pebble and GoodINKPressions; and storage in the form of the Esterbrook Pen Nooks. Not bad for one guy with a full-time job and a newborn baby, eh?

If you like what I do and want me to keep devoting all my spare time to doing it, please do click the button in the sidebar and donate. Every little helps to pay the WordPress fees.

What’s coming up?

I have loads of stuff in the review queue and incoming, including:

  • Troublemaker Inks Abalone, Petrichor and Hanging Rice
  • My take on the Pilot Anniversary Inks (better late than never)
  • My new Nakaya, one of the unusual 17mm versions…
  • Some alternative paper products from Baron Fig
  • A sneak peek at the newest pen show on the calendar, The Capital Pen Show 2020
  • Two handmade wooden pens from Leonard Slattery
  • The latest colours in GLP’s The Author notebook
  • A retrospective on the TWSBI Eco, now that I own four of them…
  • More chapters of my updated buyer’s guide
  • The new Schon pocket fountain pen
  • Full reviews of the Lamy and Pebble notebooks

If you have any requests for products you’d like me to review, please do shout in the comments.

A little feedback, please!

Judging by my WordPress traffic, UKFP has never been more popular — thank you for giving me some of your eyeball time! I’m always trying to dig up new products to introduce to you, and in my reviews to cover the things you can’t glean from a spec sheet. But there’s plenty of room for improvement. What would you like to see more of? What do you find boring? Don’t be shy, please sound off in the comments.


9 thoughts on “State of the blog: what’s coming next

  1. I like what you’re posting now! You have access to a lot of the pens I’d love to try (I live rurally without a local stationary shop, much less a pen shop) and so I live vicariously through your reviews!


    • Good stuff, thanks for the feedback! Would you believe there’s no pen shop within 40 miles of me? I order a lot of stuff sight unseen — usually the gamble pays off 🙂


  2. I think you are doing a fantastic job, your reviews are very interesting, enlightening and also entertaining. It is definitely time for a big Thank You for devoting so much time to this project. Hope that you’ll be able to keep it up. Congrats on the little one,too!!! Looking forward to your review of him (jus’ kidding).
    Anyway, Happy times and thanks for keeping your readers up to date.
    Best from Berlin


  3. Always an entertaining read Anthony, and I’m enjoying what you’re putting out theses days. The slight adjustment of focus onto some more affordable pens is nice.

    I noticed the mention of a Nakaya 17mm portable cigar in the pen nook review, thought that was a new addition. Very much looking forward to the review as that’s the exact model I’m going to have to resist if my deskpen gets me hooked.


    • Thanks Martin, glad you noticed the adjustment — I’ve been deliberately covering a wider mix of prices. I’m working up my thoughts on the 17mm. It is a very different pen from other Nakayas in feel. I want to make sure I get my review of this one right!


  4. Entertaining and informative site. I ordered my same variant Vertex after reading your review, it arrived yesterday and it is splendid indeed.
    What more? Personally I find it would be cool to see you dabbling in interesting vintage pens…
    Perhaps also a few more comparison articles. Like, 5 girthy pens.
    Finally, though I know they are not up your alley, an occasional check of the best new affordable pens out of China and India.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Tom! Glad you’re enjoying the Vertex :). I have been thinking about vintage pens — an Omas 361T is on my wish list. We’ll see how the itch gets scratched. Comparisons, completely. The only challenge for me there is having all the pens in my hand at the same time. Eg for large pens I’d want to include an M1000, 149, King of Pen, Opera Master, Wahl Decoband… all of which I’ve owned at one point or another, but none are currently in my pen tray. Cheap pens: fair request. I bought a Kaco Retro recently to review, but haven’t got around to it yet 🙂


      • Omas can be spectacular. Frankly, a semi affordable black omas gentleman in good condition already has that deliciously soft bouncy nib.
        Now I notice you already sold your rather lovely Scribo – which has quite a similar feel to it.
        Otherwise, your site was one of the reasons to make me try a modern Onoto Magna (classic black with chasings though the the dandy cloudy yellow resin one was tempting as well) and it is wonderful indeed. Brexit Schadenfreude – taking advantage of the low GBP to have this pen a lot more affordable than only a year ago…

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