A new notebook option: GoodINKPressions for Tomoe and SplendorGel (?!)

I’m always on the lookout for new notebook makers who offer something different, and ideally that use my preferred Tomoe River paper.

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on two B5 handmade notebooks from a Spain-based company called GoodINKPressions, available on Etsy. I bought these for full retail price, which was £19 each plus £4 shipping.

I’ve only given them a quick try-out but my first impressions are really positive.

B5 size is available — great if you want that bit more space compared to a normal A5 notebook.


There’s a handsome cover sheet:


The calendar for 2019 and 2020 is on the front inside cover, and a brass bookmark too.


All four corners are rounded, which is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.


The card covers are really tactile, feel robust, and are available in loads of characterful colours, with embossed logo.


There’s a colour-coordinated elastic loop, visibly riveted to the back cover.


120 pages is just right to slip into a bag. And the pages really lay flat:


I got one in 7mm ruled and the other in 5mm dotted. But there are seven different options to suit your preference. The guide prints are really nicely done.

One of the big headlines is the choice of papers, including 68gsm Tomoe in cream or white, Clairefontaine, and a paper I’d never heard of called SplendorGel.

GoodINKPressions included a swatchbook of the different cover colours. I think it’s a great selection.


They also provided a small sample book with the different papers featured.

So, I thought I’d share some photos of how SplendorGel compares to Tomoe.

Drying time is good and the feel on the page is nice, but the edges of letters are definitely not as crisp as Tomoe.

Here’s the Montblanc Geometry on Tomoe:


And here it is on SplendorGel:


Here’s the much finer Oldwin Classic on Tomoe:


And on SplendorGel:


And last but not least, the Urushi 20 medium on Tomoe:


And on SplendorGel:


I’m really pleased with these notebooks. I like the A5 or slim-A5 size that GLP uses on the Author for portability, but for a B5 size these notebooks are now right at the top of my list.


8 thoughts on “A new notebook option: GoodINKPressions for Tomoe and SplendorGel (?!)

  1. Thanks for the review, I’ve been curious about these for a while as they do traveller’s notebook size inserts, but think I like an A6 Leuchtturm better than the multi-book elastic binding, and I love my MD Cotton in B6 slim (B6 height, A6 width), you Aion is its perfect match.


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