Five pens for sale: Montblanc, Visconti, Lamy, Scribo, Parker

Update: all pens sold!


A very ruthless, pragmatic sale this. I’m mainly cutting down the number of pens I have per manufacturer to keep my total pen collection in my single pen tray. These are all great pens, but they’re kept in the shadows by some of the other great pens in my collection. Take advantage.

Buy two pens and I’ll take £20 off. Buy three and I’ll take £50 off. Buy all five and I’ll take £100 off. (This is an excellent “premium pen starter kit”).

Contact me to buy. Or add a comment. Act fast, I may change my mind or put the prices up at any point.

Writing samples first, on Tomoe:


Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel, fine nib. £140 (new price: £200)

Nearly new. Nib is great. Still on my first fill. Not as crazy heavy as I was fearing from its reputation, and not too slippery either. So don’t let that put you off. Only selling because I’m sticking with my old faithful Makrolon version, which has battle scars and is therefore harder for me to sell.


Scribo Write Here 18k, medium nib. £300 (new price: £450)

About seven months old. The nib is OMAS-glorious. I just don’t find myself using it much, though I can’t explain why.



Visconti Homo Sapiens Oversize Steel Age, fine nib. £300 (new price: £550,discontinued)

Wonderful pen. A couple of years old. Only selling because I have two other Homo Sapiens pens, the London Fog and Medici. And let’s face it, they’re even more beautiful than the lava-based original.


Montblanc 149 Platinum Line, medium nib. £400 (new price: £680)

Only a year or so old. Great writer, beautiful big nib. Honestly only selling because I’m keeping the 1912 and Geometry. Has the usual micro swirls on the barrel from the cap.


Parker Duofold Centennial Big Red, fine nib. £200 (new price: £275)

Almost new, inked once. Scratched the Duofold itch, not a keeper for me — but a good writer and a comfortable size. The barrel engraving is cool and the Ace of Spades nib is very pretty.


As per usual: please assume all pens are in good used condition. Price includes UK shipping; international, please ask but assume it will be significantly more, sorry!

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