Quick post: more for sale

As of this morning I am back up to 32 pens, which is more than I can fit in my pen drawer. Time to make some tough decisions. These are all good pens that I like and enjoy, but some don’t suit me or I simply prefer other pens in my collection. I’ve updated my for-sale page, but here’s the list:

All sold apart from:

Desiderata Soubriquet Amber (technically “smoky quartz mist”), 0.6mm Nemosine stub — £230
Selling because I have two others.

All prices as usual based on bank transfer or PayPal friends and family, and include shipping in the UK. I’ll consider deals if you’re buying more than one pen. I’ll ship internationally at extra cost.

I’ll consider trades for Aurora Nettuno, Graf Classic Macassar, Montblanc Agatha, Sailor King of Pen Ocean, Pilot Custom Urushi, or Oldwin Arco.

7 thoughts on “Quick post: more for sale

  1. Is the Ink still available?

    I already have a purple one with steel nib, but i’ve been thinking about getting an orange body for it and a Ti nib might be interesting to try (never used one before), so maybe an opportunity to try both.


  2. Good call on the Scribo. Mine is the darling of my daily writers still, only a short time in my ownership but it gives me more writing pleasure than most other pens and is a great feel good pen for just the joy of putting pen to paper. For all the advertised similarity to OMAS, I think it betters the later OMAS nibs.
    I’m being very strong, if I had the £ now I’d be having your Desiderata, as it’s acrylic I think I can hold off. I might not be so strong willed if it was wood/ ebonite though.

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