Mail call: the Italian Job

I always get excited when the postman knocks at my door. Today I had extra reason to do so: he was bearing a box laden with some very special Italian pens from a dear friend.

Chief among them was my grey Scribo, returned from its sojourn to Scotland. But it was not alone.


Yep, that’s a Delta Dolce Vita Oversize, which feels a lot like wielding a whiteboard marker, except there’s a stiff 18k nib on the end of it, and a comically small converter inside.


My family think it’s really ugly. I think it’s gorgeous. The orange is luminous against the black. The chunky section feels really comfortable. I like short fat pens.


And what’s this? An old Visconti Van Gogh, complete with round body, gold nib and screw cap. Very different to the current design.


This one has a fat broad nib, with a really unusual grind. It has several distinct sweet-spots.


And then two pens from a manufacturer I hadn’t even heard of until recently, Santini Italia. Check out this crazy colourful number with a super-sharp EF 18k.


And what about this patterned one? It has the steeply sloped section and design style of an Ancora, with a truly wonderful stub.


I’ve already inked these unusual beauties up and plan to give them a good workout over the next couple of weeks.


Here’s to new experiences, eh?



2 thoughts on “Mail call: the Italian Job

  1. Congratulations on the haul. I love that even I know a Dolce Vita when I see one. These should keep you occupied for a while!


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