Spontaneous sale (now with photos)

I’m in the midst of looking hard at my collection again after a few additions, and planning a forthcoming “my favourite dozen pens” post.

I’m thinking about selling the following to get as close as I can to a limit of 15 pens. I’ll see if there’s any early interest before I do a lot of photos and descriptions.

All the usual: price by bank transfer or PayPal friends and family only, price includes UK shipping (which is no mean feat given value and size of box with some of these pens). Happy to ship internationally at extra cost.

These are all great pens that I really enjoy, so I won’t consider anything but the closest offers, and I’m not particularly interested in trades. Now, if you want to buy more than one pen — I’ll consider bulk discounts!

As always, contact me or leave a comment to express interest.

Conway Stewart “Winston” limited edition etched teal

The “Winston” model, not the “Churchill”. Large pen with weighted barrel and sterling silver trim. Number 17 of 50 from 2013, fine italic nib in old Conway Stewart design, boxed including cigar and Churchill book, filled once.

Good luck getting hold of this one elsewhere! It’s this model.


Price: £675.

Montblanc Petit Prince (blue) LeGrand

Filled four or five times at most. Nib swapped to EF via Montblanc boutique in London. Beautiful pen in great condition.


Price: £430.

Oldwin Rouge Sang Pareil Art Deco


Still for sale. Large pen, one-off lacquered design. Huge gold nib, writes a nice wet fine line.

Price: £650.

Wahl-Eversharp Decoband Jade

Jade colour is more turquoise, not green. Silver trim. Superflex nib, boxed as new, filled twice. This model.


Price: £650.

Izods Leonardo Dark Hawaii 

Received only a couple of weeks ago and only used in the house. I had to fettle the EF nib because it was dry and scratchy out of the box, but now it’s great. The Dark Hawaii material is beautiful. Oh, and it’s a piston filler.

See the original details here.

Price: £170.

Montblanc 146 LeGrand BMW edition

This has a cracking medium nib. It’s been carried and used but is in good condition. A lovely platinum trim 146, only a few months old.


Price: £270.

Pilot Vanishing Point vintage faceted

Black, 14k medium nib, writes beautifully. Plastic has marks commensurate with age.


Price: £150.

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous sale (now with photos)

  1. I am sorry that you are letting these fabulous pens go! I am sorely tempted by the BMW edition 146 but already have a standard one. I am still trying to be sensible and resist the urge to amass any more, for the moment. (How long I can hold off, I don’t know). I am in awe of you trying to get down to 15 pens. I think I have more than that just in Safaris (although don’t ask me why) I do hope that they all find appreciative new owners.


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