Enjoy the blog? Support me.

I’ll keep this short: I’ve invested hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds writing the posts on this site. I enjoy what I do, and I’m proud of it. The emails I get from readers tell me that you enjoy the blog, too. But I need a bit of help to keep it going.

You may have noticed, and hated, the generic WordAds on this site over the past couple of months. I agree that it delivers a terrible user experience. So let’s try something new: a donate button.

I have no idea how well this will work. Please share your feedback. And thank you in advance for your support!


Donate to keep UK Fountain Pens running!


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6 thoughts on “Enjoy the blog? Support me.

  1. Done. I hope that it works for you. As your blog brought lot of joy to me.

    And over time saved me lot of money. Somehow reading your blog scratches itch, so I am happy to read about them, but no longer eager to buy more pens. And instead of spending money on some mid-tier pens I have decided that in future (for some bigger achievement) I will treat myself with either nice Visconti or Conid which will be my grail pen.

    In meantime I have already discovered that with introducing new pens I am neglecting older ones. So my modest collection of 2 TWSBIs (Eco and 580 AL), 2 Waterman Experts, Lamy 2000 and Franklin Christoph Ice Demonstrator is enough and even now already those Watermans are getting dust. As Lamy 2000 is simply much better pen and I really like its styling and those TWSBIs although cheaper pens are much more fun to write with. Although I love Franklin Christoph I have eye-dropped it and it is simply not practical for common use – so this one also writes very little. From this perspective adding more good pens would simply make matters worse. So instead I will get one more expensive pen I crave for and slowly get rid of those I am not using – probably I will hand them down to my sons. Now they are too young for such pens but in few years they will be ready.


    • Kamil, thank you for the kind words! And for your support. I appreciate it.

      I have been through the same journey as you (as I’ve written about many times!). It helps, I find, to pass on the pens you no longer use, as you say. As well as selling them (I sold four today) I gift them to my daughter to grow into, and to friends I’m trying to convert! I try to keep my collection under 20 pens — that way I have at least a fighting chance of using everything once in a while. I’m a big fan of the Eco and the 2000, so I know exactly what you mean.

      My only warning to you: getting your grail (and both Conid and Visconti are fine choices) will unlikely be the end. I received my second Conid yesterday. But I completely support your decision to get one pen you really, really want rather than a load of cheaper pens. Just be sure you pick the right one!


  2. Done.

    You have a wonderful website and I’m very happy to support those who bring me value and joy. I loathe advertising and tracking greatly and I hope this method works out for you, and us.

    Though, using PayPal, I didn’t see an option to automatically donate monthly. Can that be added, or did I miss it somewhere?

    I’m new to fountain pens and am learning a lot from your site and others, but mostly your site. Keep up the nice work and content, it is appreciated.

    Thank you!

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