The magnificent seven: week two

Last week’s seven turned out great.

I used every pen heavily, with the exception of the Pelikan M400. At last I managed to gel with the Pilot 823, although it still doesn’t feel ‘right’ to me every time I pick it up. The Montegrappa Extra and Montblanc 1912 proved deliciously smooth for evening journalling; the Visconti Van Gogh was fast for note-taking; the London Fog and Leonardo both wet yet precise for dense drafts.

The only minor blip: my Aurora Optima (the subject of my last post) arrived. Naturally I inked it up and started using it. In fact, I ran it dry and refilled. Safe to safe I like it.

For this week, a completely different selection. The changing of the guards.



Graf Intuition, SBRE Brown

The Graf was one of my few uninked pens, and I picked it to show off SBRE Brown (thanks Penultimate Dave for sourcing me a bottle!). It’s amazing how different the Intuition feels compared to the Classic.


Graf Classic, Noodler’s Air Corp

I thought I’d put both Grafs back to back. This Classic has a truly fabulous fine nib, smooth yet defined. The ink is Noodler’s Air Corp Blue Black, which I love as a colour, despite it being smudgy as all hell.


Aurora Optima, Montblanc Encre du Desert

The Aurora is still in the honeymoon period, and such a comfortable little writer. I was long overdue to give the Saint-Exupery Montblanc ink another try, and I’m enjoying it.


Sheaffer Legacy Palladium, Montblanc Psychedelic Purple

Boom. A big juicy broad, a bright hit of purple. This Sheaffer never fails to make me smile. And it’s surprisingly practical: smooth nib for fast writing, secure slip cap for a quick start.


Montblanc 149, Montblanc Homer Greek Blue

One of the combos I turn to in times of stress. Super comfortable and a calming dusty blue that suits any situation.


Esterbrook Estie, Bungubox 4B

Still really enjoying the Estie. It’s a big pen, really solid and comfortable. And this 2048 nib is turning into one of my favourite extra fines — perfect for marking up docs and to-do lists. The Bungubox 4B is sheen-heavy, but I need to try it in a wider nib to give it a proper review.


Lamy Imporium, Lamy Black

A loan from the esteemed Dapprman, the Imporium has the same juicy gold fine as on my Dialog 3, but in a much more compact body. I’m curious to see how comfortable I find all the fluting and ribbing in the long term. Very impressed by the depth of this classic Lamy black ink!


A final note: the light sucks in winter. It’s making pen photography even harder than usual!DSC01863.JPG


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